The Essential MCF: 2K9-2K10: Part 5

Cloakfest 2K10 lives on! With April 2010 reviewed, let's turn our sights back to what I was writing about in May and June of this year::

May, 2010

-sure why this is here.

Nocturnal Electrician
That's right, it's another one of my weird dream posts, this time involving a hostage situation at the mall and a taser that proves that my improbable luck carries over into my subconscious.

I don't ruin Iron Man 2 for anyone. I wish I could say the same for some of the young people in the theater with me....

PBW: The Mother of All Days
My mom gets to spend Mother's Day with my dad, who survived his heart surgery, and revisit a place she hadn't visited since the 1960s.

Here Today...
It's the story of an elderly coworker's last day, in more ways than one.

Better to Burn Out
Maybe networks need to give new shows a chance. Maybe television series need to have shorter story arcs. Maybe I need a vacation from even my leisure activities.

My 2010 Summer Show Five
...and maybe I won't even get a break from television this Summer.

Vwls r vrrtd
n whch wrt n ntr pst wtht vwls.

I once was LOST
...but now I found my review of the series finale of LOST.

Things get worse for my mom's 14-year-old blind cat Cubby, as a bladder infection leaves him in bad shape.

Finale Time
LOST isn't the only show to wrap things up, and I look at the series finales of 24 and FlashForward as well as the season finale of Chuck.

Phantasmic Links 5.31.10
It's not the links that are essential, but rather the update on the fate of Cubby after a long holiday weekend....

June, 2010

Worry About the Other Guy
The health problems of my dad, my mom's cat, and others remind me that when we focus on other people, it's an ideal distraction from our own problems.

PBW: All About Cubby
Take a look at Cubby in his youth, and more recent pictures of a too-soon ailing senior cat.

Puppy in the Road
What happens when a little dog is spotted wandering and confused in the middle of a busy road on a hot Summer day?

Yet Another Mental Health Day
I finally take a real vacation day, something I apparently do once a year or so. I make it to the movies. I think nothing of my dad taking his sister to the hospital at the time other than admire how he's up and about and helping other family members after his own hospital stay. I get some photos and catch some new shows. For about 17 hours, I escape routine and reality, and life is good.

PBW: JDRF Walk 2010
For me personally, a repeat celebrity sighting pales in comparison to the sight of my old man playing a gig once more.

Natural Outcomes
I experienced various causes and effects on or around 6/11/10, so I wrote all about them.

They Don't Serve My Kind.
Once upon a time, being a musician at a feast meant certain perks, such as free food and/or beverages. Once upon a time....

Burned at Both Ends and in the Middle
I spend my morning at a conference in the city, my afternoon taking pictures and subsequently rushing to catch a train after a time miscalculation, and my evening playing a feast. And it's only Wednesday...

Ribs, for your pleasure...
There are so many good rib places near where I work, but the discovery of one new location sets off a new Summer tradition.

Some MCF Math

Triple Trouble
Uno: My dad's lingering heart problems combined with his stubbornness. Dos: A litter of kittens under some pipes near my job. TRES: Chirp, our other cat, has a lesion under his tongue, explaining what we had thought was a cute habit of him sticking it out all the time. Resolutions and/or updates to these situations wouldn't be forthcoming until July....

PBW: MCF Takes Manhattan
It's part one of why I enjoy taking photos in New York, and why I almost missed my train after attending a conference for work.

* * *

And that's what I wrote about in May and June 2010 in my sixth year of doing this.

The Essential MCF 2K9-2K10 will continue....

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