The Essential MCF: 2K9-2K10: Part 4

Cloakfest 2K10 isn't over yet! Last time we reviewed the highlights from February and March 2010, and now we'll take a look at the essential posts from April 2010::

APRIL, 2010

My Things I've Learned Thursday feature takes a very strange turn, for some reason...you there, what day was that?

My Comic Book Movie Wishlist Five
There are some very cool, if obscure, comics I've read that will probably never become movies, and these are my top five picks.

Self Edit
My restrained nature and ability to not say aloud the things which should stay in my brain keep me out of trouble. More people could use that self edit feature.

Not My Beautiful Room
My Aunt Rose doesn't adjust well to her new room at her assisted living facility, and when we visit on Easter, she refuses to get out of bed or eat. She gets some tough love from my father and my Aunt Josie, and Aunt Josie does manage to feed her sister some watermelon. Afterwards, we visited my mom's brother, my Uncle Jerry, at his nursing home, then I took my folks to the beach and took some photos in case my dad's upcoming bypass surgery didn't got well and it was our last Easter together. Months later, as I reread this story, two family members have made great improvements, and another one is gone forever. If you asked me then who I would have thought would be in what condition, I would have been way off in my prediction. Life is unpredictable.

PBW: The Easter Choice
And here are some photos from that Easter.

Other Places
What implications does a new scientific discovery in the realm of quantum physics hold? Probably not the ones I'm hoping for, but it's still fun to speculate and fantasize.

The Big Day
After years of suffering, and months of anticipation, my dad finally reaches the day of his heart surgery.

Bye Past
I'd just like to take this opportunity to thank you all once again for your prayers, thoughts, and comments through some scary times. The day of my dad's surgery was a long one for my mom and I, but mercifully went much quicker for my dad who spent most of it under sedation. The first hurdle was behind us, but there were still a few more ahead....

"How did you make that so real?"
My father's recovery progresses and he moves to a new wing, but he doesn't react well to pain medication. Among his prominent hallucinations: kicking me repeatedly for being the “director” in charge of the hallucinations. At the time, when his feet were moving under the bed sheets, I just thought he was dreaming about running.

PBW: From the Heart
Behold the return of my father, complete with an enlarged heart(which in this case is a good thing).

Over this past week...
...that is to say, the second week of April, many things happened, including my dad's successful surgery, a promotion at work, a high tax bill, and one of my trademark near-death experiences....

Dreamcasting Five
Because I like franchising, dreaming, and thinking ahead, here are my picks for the cast of a West Coast Avengers movie.

Kick-Ass Kicks Ass
The title is fairly self-explanatory, and headlines a positive film review.

Bracketers Welcome
I apply the bracket formula to popular television characters.

One of THOSE Days
“Some weeks, I really feel the burden of working five days. Some weeks, a Thursday should really be a Friday. This Thursday was one of THOSE days.”

We're all tougher than we think. We can get stressed. We can get hurt. We can get sick. But, through the example of my parents, I realize we don't have to let any of that stop us.

PBW: Toe, No! Toe, YES.
For example, I didn't let a black toenail stop me from running, and nothing stopped me from posting before and after photos from the initial damage to the time it finally began to separate and finally came off entirely. Gross? Yes. Offensive? Yes. Essential...?

I Have No Idea....
...why I'd relink to that toe post. Here are some other things I had no idea about.

* * *

Busy month! And that's what I wrote about in April 2010 in my sixth year of doing this.

The Essential MCF 2K9-2K10 will continue....

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Thanks for visiting my blog and actually commenting. Just wondering if you knew that none of your phantasmic links actually had links???

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I hate when I screw up the HTML; it's a simple find/change too, just forgot to make the adjustment this time. Thanks for pointing that out!

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