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Certain that her cat Cubby was not long for this world, my mom had me take a few pictures of him over the last few days. Initially suffering from a limp caused either by a muscle pull or arthritis in the right side of his hip, his true ailment turned out to be a urinary infection discovered by our vet. He was put on antibiotics, but it may have already been too late. He lay around, had no appetite, and when he was strong enough to move, he was instinctively going into corners or under furniture to hide. Apparently the medication began kicking in, and by Sunday he was walking better, occasionally jumping up on the bed, and used his litter pan at least once. Monday he exceeded the dangerous 24 hour limit of emptying his bladder, only to do so on Tuesday morning. He's 13 going on 14, but my mom raised him from a kitten and usually her cats live closer to 20 years. He seems like he's on the mend, after being as close to the brink of death as he could have been, but we're still monitoring him closely, and will be following up with the vet in a day or two. This week's Photo Blog Wednesday is all about Cubby:

These next few link to larger, 1024 x 768 desktop images, and if you look carefully, you'll see our other cat Mr. Chirp, who might be feeling neglected while we've been all about Cubby:



Blogger b13 said...

Cubby most definitely has character.

6/02/2010 9:13 AM  
Blogger Spockgirl said...

Awwww...especially the close-up with his paw on the bowl - priceless. What is Cubby thinking? There's that silly boy flashing that stupid light in my eyes again. (Mr. Chirp looks rather sinister lurking behind the chair.)

Re comment on previous post: I have made a command decision and will post my pen sketch on my blog instead...someday...maybe...when I'm feeling plucky.

6/02/2010 8:51 PM  

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