MCF's Perilous 5.II Questions

MCF's Perilous! is a quiz in reverse. Yesterday, I posted ten answers. You had to come up with the corresponding questions Here's the scoring system:

1 pt=each question
2 pts=each question that matches MCF's
-1 pt=any sentences not in question form, or forgetting a question mark
15 pts=Bonus for the Best Question

And here are the results from Series 5, Round 2:

B13: 25

Spockgirl: 12

If those scores look familiar, it's because they're the same from last week. Neither new nor returning players took a shot at this week's round, so perhaps I made this one too challenging. Remember, as long as you even post a question with a question mark, you get a point. Next week will be the final round of series 5, so there will still be one more opportunity to rack up some more points. Here are the questions I had in mind for this week's game:

1. Ravitronics.
While watching The Wrath of Khan with some of my friends, what partially obscured writing on the set triggered an in-joke because it contained a friend's name?

2. His pants.
When my friend's wife asked us to close the door to his movie room so their daughter could sleep, what was hanging on the door preventing me from doing so?

3. Four.
What are two or three beers too many at night when I have to be up for work the next morning?

4. Five-and-a-half minutes.
How long did I wait at a traffic light after midnight before it finally turned green?

5. Kirstie Alley.
Which currently 59-year-old actress looked amazingly hot back when she starred in such films as The Wrath of Khan or television shows such as Cheers?

6. To start exercising, at some point in the future.
What has my weight loss inspired a friend to do?

7. Three bookshelves and a lounge chair.
What did I help a buddy move in exchange for beer and pizza?

8. Quizno's.
What awesome sandwich chain doesn't suck like Subway, but still seems to be closing multiple locations in my area?

9. Meetings.
What interruptions keep me from getting work done during the day?

10. “ou”.
In Canadian versions of my company's mailings, what does “o” often get replaced with in words like “color”?



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