MCF's Perilous 5.I Questions

Don't call it a comeback! Or do. MCF's Perilous! made its return yesterday and got some great questions in response to the answers. I'll probably do a few more of these in the near future.

MCF's Perilous! is a quiz in reverse. I posted ten answers. You had to come up with the corresponding questions There was even a scoring system:

1 pt=each question
2 pts=each question that matches MCF's
-1 pt=any sentences not in question form, or forgetting a question mark
15 pts=Bonus for the Best Question

Here are the results from Series 5, Round 1:

B13: 25

Spockgirl: 12

Everyone who participated got a point for each question. No one forgot a question mark, so there were no deductions. No one had the same questions as mine exactly, but Spockgirl managed to get in the ballpark with the limited information provided and catch where I was alluding to Joss Whedon and Michael Cera. So I gave her an extra point for each of those questions, bringing her score to 12. It was B13's very first question that cracked me up the most, giving him the 15 point bonus. Still, there will be at least two more rounds and, if history has taught me anything, it's still anyone's game. Even if you didn't participate in this round, you could still potentially play the next two and sweep our current players. It's happened before.

OK! Let's see what my questions were:

What are some of the letters which appear on my car's dashboard?

2. “Excess Vegation”
What absurd(and misspelled) violation notice did my dad receive when the guy with the warehouse next to our lot sought vengeance for my dad finally reporting him to a code officer after he repeatedly refused to repair or take down his toppled fence?

3. Mostly ones I already knew or could figure out with the information I'd been presented.
What questions did an extra 12 minutes of LOST answer for me?

4. Fish Biscuits
And what were Polar Bears rewarded with on that show?

5. Because I was in my underwear at the time.
Why did discovering myself in the background of a photo I recently took require heavy editing?

6. Mark Millar.
What comic book writer seems to have a lot of his graphic novels turned into movies, sometimes while he's still writing them?

7. Because he's known for writing such strong female characters.
Why did it surprise me to learn that Joss Whedon is only using one female hero for the cast of The Avengers?

8. They sent me the third one first.
Why haven't I watched the first Lone Wolf and Cub movie I rented from Netflix yet?

9. It would have been very awesome, but then they would probably have killed him in the first scene and someone like Jesse Eisenberg would have had to step in.
What if The Expendables played the “Seven Evil Exes” that Michael Cera had to battle in the Scott Pilgrim movie?

10. Beer.
”Hey MCF, what would you like for lunch on Friday?”



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