I Have No Idea....

...what prompted me to try a new product called DORITOS® 1st Degree Burn Blazin' Jalapeno. I have a good tolerance toward spicy food, and generally find most to be underwhelming. Despite the name of this new variety, I didn't think it would be that hot. Indeed, after my first chip, I thought “this isn't so ba--” and couldn't finish the thought as the spices activated in my throat, setting the back of my tongue on fire while opening nasal passages I didn't even know were clogged. That being said, it's a great chip; just make sure you have enough beverage to wash it down with. I miscalculated and finished my tea well before my chips.

...why people seem to direct information to me outside my area of expertise and responsibility. Without getting in to specifics, writers at my company have a ton of legal challenges to face due to the nature of our business, and have to be very careful about how we word things. As an artist, I just have to make sure everything is visually appealing to our audience. But there's been an increasing trend of multiple people looking to me during meetings while explaining what has to be written, often some technical strategy behind a particular effort. I'll sense the eyes upon me, and kind of look in the direction of my writer or my supervisors, my body language trying to convey, “What are you telling me for? I'm just the dumb artist.” I think part of the problem may be the way I quietly nod during meetings and act like I understand what everyone is talking about. That's going to backfire someday.

...where Supernatural will be going with their next season. This was originally supposed to be the final one, and having Lucifer himself walk the Earth while the brothers faced increased demon activity, corrupt angels, and even the four horsemen of the apocalypse seemed to be as much of an endgame as one could hope for with the series. But they got renewed for another year, and if they do manage to defeat the biggest big bad of all in the next 3 weeks, next season could be kind of a step down. They did introduce pagan gods in a recent episode, so maybe they'll have to deal with other pantheons.

...why I'm such an idiot savant. For all the things that are intuitive to me, whether it be solving problems with math or just instinctively understanding software, I do my share of dumb things and my math has yet to translate into personal gain or home ownership. I suppose things could be worse and I could be an idiot idiot, but why can't I be a savant savant instead?

...why I feel so tired. It's been a busy week, but I rose to the challenge in the face of crisis at work and met all my deadlines. There was one day I came to work an hour early, and practically locked myself in my office for 12 hours until everything was done. I only made it to the gym once this week, and still my ankle was killing me after my run. I hope I don't have to permanently switch to low impact exercise; my metabolism couldn't handle it. I might have to....diet. And without things like radioactive chips, my life would lack the required flavor of enjoyment.

...what else I have no idea about.


Blogger Spockgirl said...

I found your latest blog hilarious, not because it was particularly funny, but because it sounds so much like me. However, unlike you, I would never, ever post a picture of a gnarly body part, or any body part for that matter, even a toe. Not a great segue to:

Food: I will try almost any new flavour of chip (especially if it is spicy) or chocolate bar that comes on the market. I have never met a food that was too hot. Haven't seen that flavour up here yet.

Understanding: I learn quickly and often have an odd, innate understanding of things, which some people miscontrue as indepth knowledge of - to me most things are based in logic or common sense, deductive reasoning, or... math.

Exercise: I have heard that yoga is a very good workout,but am not willing to spend money on it.

Finally: One can have knowledge, understanding and intelligence, and still be clueless. Wisdom is the key.

Sorry this was so lengthy, but just couldn't resist.

4/30/2010 1:32 AM  

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