MCF's COMMON Bondz 13

It's time to find out the COMMON bonds in Thursday's edition of MCF's COMMON. Thank you Lyndon and Lorna for your great guesses. Some were right, some were wrong, and some were clever and creative enough that I'm now considering dusting off MCF's Perilous as a game for next week. In any case, let's see which was which and who guessed what and where. Why? Why not:

(A) Frances Bean.
(B) Mary Kate & Ashley.
(C) Haley.
(D) Macaulay.
When I heard Kurt Cobain's daughter turned 18 the other day, I couldn't believe it. Frighteningly enough, while I still envision the people on this list as infants or children, Miss Cobain, the Olsen twins, Osment, and Culkin are all adults now. I see old people. I don't want to think about how old that makes me, so we'll move on to less depressing common bonds....

(A) Man About the House.
(B) Coupling.
(C) Red Dwarf.
(D) The Office.
These are four British sitcoms that were adapted in American versions. Two of the remakes proved successful; two did not. Look for Matt LeBlanc to star in a parody of the latter kind in a few months. Take that, Craig Bierko!

(A) Doctor Wily.
(B) Bowser.
(C) Ganon.
(D) Mr. X.
As Lyndon correctly knew, these are all bosses from old NES games.

(A) Drive Shaft.
(B) Oil Change.
(C) Greatest Hits.
(D) Live in Jakarta.
This is the discography of the fictional band Drive Shaft from LOST. But then I'm sure you all everybody knew that....

(A) W.
(B) A.
(C) S.
(D) D.
Play a lot of video games on your computer? Then you might recognize the left-handed alternative to using the arrow keys. The WASD is best used for games which require use of the mouse as well as the keyboard. Personally, I find the arrow keys easier to remember, but understand why this option exists.



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