PBW: From the Heart

Thank you to all my friends, even the ones who’ve never met me or my dad, who offered prayers or good thoughts as he faced bypass surgery at 80 years old. Thank you to the wonderful doctors and nurses at the hospital for giving him such excellent care. There’s some poetic symmetry about the hospital where I was born being the place where my dad was repaired. Thank God he made it, and may he find new strength and quality of life once he fully rests and heals from the operation. This week’s Photo Blog Wednesday comes straight from the heart, and can be summed up with a single image:

He’s back. Praise Jesus.



Blogger b13 said...


This post makes me happy!


4/14/2010 12:05 AM  
Anonymous FawnDoo said...

Happy here too. Well done to your old man for coming through so well - going by that photo, he looks to be in good nick for someone who just had major work done! :-) Best wishes to you all for a speedy recovery and many happy years still to come.

4/14/2010 7:25 PM  
Blogger Rey said...


4/14/2010 11:02 PM  

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