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Did you know there was a recent bracket style poll in which people voted for their favorite current television characters? Because I didn't find out until it came down to two people, Charlie Kelly and some dude I never heard of because I've never seen Burn Notice. You know that's not right. So, recalling the Bracket Blogs competition I ran a few years ago, pitting together 16 bloggers from my blogroll, I decided to recreate the vote among myself and my readers. Madness? Indeed, especially well into April. Skewed? Certainly, since I'll be choosing the initial 16 characters and I don't know how many of my readers will be motivated to vote without the same personal stake they had in my previous bracket competition.

Below, I'm going to list 8 pairs of characters, for each of which you must choose one. Each week, voting will close at Midnight EST on Sunday, giving me time on Monday to tally the vote(s) and update my bracket graphic. I'm sure to overlook some of your favorites in picking the first 16, but I'll try to be diverse and choose only one character per show. Perhaps if this feature proves popular, I’ll run a second competition based on your suggestions and then pit the winner of those brackets against the winner of these. But first, we need to narrow these down...

Let the Character Brackets begin!

1) Dr. Walter Bishop vs. Dr. Nicholas Rush.

2) Barney Stinson vs. Andy Bernard.

3) Jack Bauer vs. John Casey.

4) Liz Lemon vs. Sookie Stackhouse.

5) Guerrero vs. Castiel.

6) Abed Nadir vs. Hiro Nakamura.

7) Shawn Spencer vs. James “Sawyer” Ford.

8) Stewie Griffin vs. Bart Simpson.



Blogger Lyndon said...

1. Dr. Walter Bishop
2. Barney Stinson
3. John Casey
4. Liz Lemon
5. Castiel
6. Hiro Nakamura
7. James "Sawyer" Ford
8. Bart Simpson

4/20/2010 2:20 AM  
Blogger Rey said...

Walter Bishop
Man, 7 is a rough round but I'm gonna' give it to Spencer on sheer volume of references and Mentalist jokes.

4/23/2010 9:53 PM  

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