PBW: Snowy Sunken Meadow

A few weekends ago, when the last big snow storm had yet to melt to make way for the next big storm we had last week, I headed out to Sunken Meadow. I've been there many times before of course, more than once with a camera, but not when there was snow and ice. It was very pretty, and just warm enough for a few people to be out. I actually saw an elderly couple older than my folks in matching tracksuits jogging at a moderate pace down the boardwalk. They were too fast for my camera(though may be specks in the distance in one of my shots), but I still captured Winter's beachy beauty in this week's Photo Blog Wednesday:



Blogger Kev said...

You take such great pics!

3/03/2010 6:50 PM  
Blogger MCF said...

Thanks, Kevbayer!

3/03/2010 10:03 PM  

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