Phantasmic Links 3.1.10

I dug, and I dug, and I dug some more on Friday. Thank God my company, located on a peninsula, isn't shy about calling a snow day. I took a break to drive my mom to the store once my car was free, and resumed digging until I freed one more car, and it was time for dinner. I certainly could have used a drink after that, but between being exhausted and the mess I would surely face on the frozen roads, I opted to skip happy hour. Now it's March, and hopefully this month doesn't come in like too much of a lion before going out like a lamb. Let's see how the first PHANTASMIC LINKS of the month come in:

(1) Many of your favorite video games are recreated in LEGO®! How many can you recognize? How many have you played?
Hat Tip: Krispy.

(2) Because I'm a firm believer in spreading knowledge and awareness, here are 15 things you may or may not have known about breasts. I know I learned some new things. Ivory? Ground rubber? Really?

(3) An artist uses Microsoft Excel to do the unimaginably awesome: draw a Gundam. My marketing people never send me documents with anything that cool or colorful in them; I'm happy when they highlight something in yellow.
H.T.: B13.

(4) Here are 24 disturbing photo manipulations that are inspiring a wealth of ideas should I ever decide to post my own mug online. The one with the chopped fingers actually made me flinch, and the giant head leaning in to the crib disturbed me, but most of those are pretty cool.

(5) This is a ten word description of Ten Word Wiki.

(6) Bomono allows you to create abstract art through a variety of tools, all of which employ multiple contacts with your virtual canvas.

(7) PostHaste is an amazing collection of music sorted by film genre. It's a trailer-maker's paradise, or the perfect place to get your life its own soundtrack.

(8) Strawberry Shortcake leads some remarkably changed ‘80s toys in a rebellion.
H.T.: J-No.

(9) Take this quiz and find out what color Lantern Corps. you'd belong with. If you answered “Accessing your host body's memories....” to any of those, I’m now very afraid.

(10) Infectonator: World Domination has to be the best version of this game ever, if not the best online game ever. Now you can infect the entire world and create zombies around the globe, including some very special zombies you collect along the way like unlicensed Venom or Thriller Michael Jackson. How could I not love this game?

Have a link to a game, movie, article, or anything else you think might be “phantasmic”? E-mail me and it just might appear in an upcoming PHANTASMIC LINKS!



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