PBW: Cuz He's 50.

Behold the infamous “cousins” photo, circa 1976. The two guys in the back are my late Aunt Josie's sons, Eddie and Tommy. Back before he was a successful businessman with a mansion, wife, and four sons, Eddie was rocking the Garthe Knight look. As lead singer of various heavy metal bands, Tommy was just rocking. Seated in front of them is my cousin Robert, my Aunt Mary's son. He and his wife now have two daughters and a son. That covers my dad's side of the family. The tall guy seated on the right side of the photo is Christopher, son of Uncle Ciro, my mom's oldest brother, and my late Aunt Irene. I don't recall who that little fat b*st*rd in red is. Runt.

Though there have been many losses in my family over the past decade, this past weekend saw a happier occasion, as Christopher turned 50. I still remember his 30th birthday party at his parents house, but now he has a home, a wife, and two kids of his own. Time goes so fast. It was nice to gather in their backyard with family and friends to celebrate, and this week's Photo Blog Wednesday celebrates that celebration:



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