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I've almost caught up with the rest of the world on Psych, now roughly halfway through the fourth season. It's a fun show in which James Roday portrays Shawn Spencer, a slacker who poses as a psychic but in reality uses his eidetic memory and finely honed observational skills to solve cases for the local police department. Spencer almost always comes through, though constantly sports an immature, clowning facade in stark contrast to his best friend since childhood and partner in solving crimes, Dulé Hill's Burton “Gus” Guster. They have a great classic comedy dynamic, the jester and the straight man, though over the years Shawn has matured a little and Gus has loosened up. Because the two grew up in the ‘80s, often showcased with flashbacks to their childhood in which Shawn's police officer father(Corbin Bernsen) trained him, they make a lot of jokes and pop culture references from that era. Of course, the show is creating its own pop culture as well, and there are definitely lines that have been repeated to the point of trademark running jokes. These are My Five favorite Psych catch phrases:

1) ”You must be out of your damn mind; it's a company car!”
Shawn may make his primary living as a private detective, but for Gus it's a side job. His main gig is as a pharmaceutical salesman. Sometimes his work knowledge helps with cases; other times his cases interfere with his work. At one point, his side job nearly cost him his main one until Shawn intervened with his boss. But the one thing that has remained constant, is that the blue hatchback he drives does not belong to him. Many times Shawn needs it for chases or other dangerous aspects of a case, which causes Gus to utter this phrase of protest. In the latest episode I saw, an injured Shawn was about to jump from the back of a pickup truck on to Gus' car, prompting the line. Another variation of this is when Shawn uses or wants to use Gus' cell phone, which also belongs to his company.

2) ”I'm Shawn Spencer, and this is my associate __________.”
Consistently, whenever the duo show up to interview various people, Shawn without hesitation will come up with any name other than “Gus”(The one time he used Gus' actual name, Gus called him on it). Check Gus' Wikipedia page for a list of aliases such as Shutterfly Simmons, Scrooge Jones, Trapezius Milkington, Pinky Guscatero, and many, many more.

3) ”You know that's right.”
It's Gus' cool way of agreeing with something, though Shawn has borrowed it once or twice. It's so much better than a simple “yeah”, that I really need to figure out how to work it into my own daily life. “Are you going to that meeting?” “You know that's right.” “Is it lunch time?” “You know that's right.” And so on.

4) ”Gus, don't be ___________.”
Because Gus is often the devil's advocate or voice of reason, Shawn feels it necessary to have just as many expressions for who Gus is when he's being contrary as he does aliases. He's been cautioned against being “a myopic chihuahua”, “a traveling wilberry”, “this crevice in my arm”, and many more.

5) ”Really? I've heard it both ways.”
This is probably my favorite of the bunch. Shawn will say a phrase or name incorrectly, possibly intentionally, and when someone(usually Gus) corrects him, this is his defense. He's done it so much, that Gus is often uttering “No you have not!” before Shawn even finishes his sentence. On one occasion, both #4 and #5 on this list were masterfully combined:
“Gus, please. Don't be Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Marzipan."


“I've heard it both ways.”



Blogger Spockgirl said...

Hmm. Just couple random comments.
re: Psych - your post nudged me in the direction of checking out the show, and I have to admit, IF I did watch tv, I would probably watch it. According to IMDB, it is filmed about an hour and half from where I live, as was X-Files, back when I used to watch TV.
re: your cat - must be what 12? 14? Cataracts? He looks sweet, but a little pissed off - reminds me of a walrus or a wise old man.

5/06/2010 1:10 AM  
Blogger Spockgirl said...

Oops regarding my last comment - sorry to your cat, if it is female and not male.

5/06/2010 2:34 PM  
Blogger MCF said...

He's a him, roughly 13 or 14. My mom rescued him when he was small enough to fit into the palm of her hand. He grew. A lot. He had a stroke, which we didn't realize until he started walking in circles. The vet gives him some steroid shots every few weeks that seem to help, and he's adapted to the loss of vision. Animals senses definitely compensate better than people's would in that situation.

5/06/2010 11:02 PM  

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