Brackets: Imagine Greater

I probably should have anticipated this. With only two voters(thanks Lyndon and Rey!) in last week's brackets, we had more than a few ties. I probably could have acted as a tie breaker, but I think it's more fair to leave it up to my readers, and advance the tied characters to the next round. So now it gets tougher, and we'll need to narrow down 13 characters down to four. Also, you'll notice comparisons between apples and oranges as diverse shows come together. Technically, voting will close at Midnight EST on Sunday, giving me time on Monday to tally the vote(s) and update my bracket graphic, but if any stragglers post their choices during the day on Monday before I get to it, your vote will likely also be counted.

Four sets; hopefully only one victor from each:

1) Dr. Walter Bishop vs. Barney Stinson.

2) Jack Bauer vs. John Casey vs.Liz Lemon vs. Sookie Stackhouse.

3) Guerrero vs. Castiel vs. Hiro Nakamura.

4) Shawn Spencer vs. James “Sawyer” Ford vs. Stewie Griffin vs. Bart Simpson.



Blogger Lyndon said...

I think people are generally blogged out. As a result, we're losing them to sites like Facebook :(

But that's just my theory!!

Anywho, on to the votes.

1. Barney Stinson
2. John Casey
3. Hiro Nakamura
4. James "Sawyer" Ford

4/27/2010 2:18 AM  
Blogger Rey said...

1. Walter Bishop
2. Jack Bauer
3. Hiro
4. Stewie

4/28/2010 7:33 AM  

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