Brackets: So Exciting. So Funny. So What?

B13 cast the deciding vote in the final round of TV Character Brackets:

It's fitting in many ways that Jack Bauer should claim the title of favorite current television character of my reader. By this time next week, 24 will have concluded an epic 8 seasons of the counter terrorist agent keeping the world safe for democracy while keeping our Monday nights tense and exciting. I loved it when it first premiered, but thought it a one time experiment. A mini-series set in real time in which 24 hours of a specific day are broken into 24 episodes is brilliant, but I didn't think it could be repeated. And yet, Jack Bauer and the people in the universe he inhabited went on to have another bad day every year. We wondered how some of them functioned without sleep, or going to the bathroom, or other practical matters, but these things were always overshadowed by the crisis of the day. Also, Jack seemed invulnerable at times. I remember his heart stopping in one season. Last year he was exposed to a lethal virus. He's been stabbed twice this season, and though the second time is slowing him down, he seemed to just shake off the first one. Jack Bauer is the man you want on your side, and the one to fear if he's not.

The last time I tried a bracket experiment, B13 rallied his readers for a record number of votes, and claimed a decisive victory. Overall, participation was much higher, probably because the blog owners had a more personal stake in the votes; it was about them. I definitely would like to try this bracket thing again, but I could use your input. What would have made this one as popular as the last one? Should readers have had a say in the initial 16 candidates? Were the television characters too diverse? If there's another bracket series in the future, what topic would you like to see as the main focus? You don't have to be B13 or Jack Bauer to chime in here, although apparently that doesn't hurt.

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Blogger b13 said...

As former President Logan would say:
"Oh no! The winner is B-THIRTEEEEEEEEEEN!"

I didn't think that one of use would claim the limelight. All along I thought it was all about the actors. :)

5/18/2010 9:18 AM  

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