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Bracket Blogs got a bit crazy this week. The Unseen Blogger noticed he was in a competition after a few weeks and rallied his troops to get him to the final round with the most votes any single blog got in a round since I started this behemoth. Recognizing the battle on his hands, B13 pulled out all the stops with a week of inimitable appeals to geeks, gay coyboys and even the mentally challenged. Even with gaming buddies, coworkers, and family chiming in, would it be enough to defeat the Unseen Army? And in all the chaos, did anyone realize I'd never actually mentioned a prize for winning this thing?

I was kind of tempted to ignore this beast entirely this week, maybe instead write reviews of recent movies I'd watched like The Darjeeling Limited, Ratatouille, or Alpha Dog. “Bracket Blogs?” I'd respond when people questioned the absence of results, “What the heck are Bracket Blogs?” It would be absolutely evil and I'd definitely have a riot on my hands. So, I guess I'd better tally the votes, and triple check as some people tried to vote more than once:

1) The Unseen Blogger: 18 Votes
B13Fotographica: 48 Votes
WINNER: B13Fotographica

Well, even though I never announced a prize, I typically give away a Mysterious Master Prize™ in these situations. As it happens, one of those elusive fragments remains, but I don't think it will be of much value to B13, who along with the likes of Orko and The Sorceress, already knows my secret identity. So, for the first time in the history of the Nexus, the Mysterious Master Prize™ is going to be a consolation prize. Unseen, check your inbox soon for Sagittaron.jpg. You've put in a great effort and deserve something for making it this far. In a way, we're all winners. In another, more accurate way, B13 is a winner who will have a place of honor in my sidebar for the entire month of May. I figure the guy could use more traffic.

This Bracket experiment was a lot of fun, and I hope everyone who participated enjoyed themselves as much as I did! I might revisit this structure in the future, though I don't know how popular it would be if I pit things other than blogs against each other. Would 16 favorite desserts or 16 favorite comic book characters get as much of a response? 16 favorite sexual positions would probably get me a lot of traffic, though I'm not so sure those are hits I'd be looking for. I could be wrong. If anyone has suggestions for future bracket ideas, I'd love to hear them. Keep up the great blogging everyone, and hopefully some of the new bloggers I discovered along the way will still stop by. We'll close with a gallery of all the images B13 used in his campaign:



Blogger b13 said...

WOO-HOO! I am truly laughing out lol! I was in it for bragging rights and a featured spot is an excellent bonus :D Thanks to all that voted and to everyone that came by to enjoy the mini campaign posters I created. I had a blast working on them. If I had worked on them as high res images I would have printed a giant poster of the combined pieces :)

5/01/2008 12:49 AM  
Blogger RC said...

great job hosting.

another bracket experiment...how about which one of b13's posters is the best! (just kidding, this is your blog, not b13')

5/01/2008 1:41 AM  
Blogger The Unseen One said...

Congrats, dude! *golf clap*

5/01/2008 6:16 AM  
Anonymous Scott said...

Awesome experiment MCF! I added a couple of the participants to my regular reading so it was successful for me.

5/01/2008 10:57 AM  
Blogger Ali said...

Yay!! to the Weiner! (hee) I must say B13 was most entertaining. lol. Had me holding my tummy with both hands from all the giggles. GRTZ!

5/01/2008 1:59 PM  

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