Brackets: We Know Drama.

It’s getting down to the wire! There have been ties in every round, resulting in multiple characters advancing each time, but thanks to Lyndon and B13 coming through last week, there are only four characters left in this final round! But now THERE CAN BE ONLY ONE! Now more than ever we need your votes to decide who the most popular television character is on this chart! You must choose...but choose wisely! Tell your friends! Tell your family! Tell your friends’ family! Tell your pets!

Technically, voting will close at Midnight EST on Sunday, giving me time on Monday to tally the vote(s) and update my bracket graphic, but if any stragglers post their choices during the day on Monday before I get to it, your vote may also be counted.

Who will be victorious? The time to decide is now:

1) Barney Stinson vs. Jack Bauer vs. Hiro Nakamura vs. James “Sawyer” Ford.

Four names; choose one. Who will emerge as my readers’ favorite current television character?



Blogger b13 said...

After the past two episodes, it HAS to be Jack Bauer. There is no other.

5/11/2010 3:16 PM  

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