Phantasmic Links 8.10.09

I’ve enjoyed two quiet weekends in a row! Things get back to normal next weekend when I have three different gigs with two different bands, so I’ll make up for having two weekends off. In a life of feast or famine, we can always appreciate the things which are constant, such as PHANTASMIC LINKS day:

(1) Teen Titans as The Breakfast Club may well be one of the best John Hughes tributes I've seen all week. The paragraph alongside it really adds to it, too.

(2) Of course, John Hughes' penpal is responsible for the most moving piece of the week.
Hat Tip: Sean.

(3) I wish my wildlife photography was on par with this guy's.
H.T.: B13

(4) An artist captures every public pool he's ever been too with one illustration.

(5) Should Megatron have gotten rid of Starscream years ago? It's a compelling(and hilarious) list of reasons, but the show wouldn't have been the same without their dynamic.

(6) A baby defies all odds and wakes up before his own funeral. Those parents need to sue the HELL out of that hospital.

(7) Must. Pop. WORDS!!! This word game gets increasingly challenging and I reached 4312 before I got bored/gave up.

(8) Take a stroll past an interactive LED wall!

(9) Grow ver. 3 is back in an awesome remake with two additional items and one hot alternate ending you have to see for yourself!

(10) Finally, how will you fare in a Word Search that doesn't tell you which words you're looking for after you beat the second level? It wouldn't be so bad if you didn't have a time limit....

Have a link to a game, movie, article, or anything else you think might be “phantasmic”? E-mail me and it just might appear in an upcoming PHANTASMIC LINKS!



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