Phantasmic Links 8.3.09

It was nice to have a rare weekend off. The heat was rough on Saturday, but the rain on Sunday made for a nice lazy nap day, at least until late afternoon when it cleared up enough for me to mow the lawn. And that's when I discovered the clothes line tied to a wooden stake that flew up and nearly struck me even as the line tangled in the blades of the mower. But I'm sure my parents didn't intentionally booby trap the lawn, just as I know you'll all love this week's PHANTASMIC LINKS day:

(1) Hey, do you remember the time that Spider-Man fought as a luchadore? Neither do I, but it's AWESOME.

(2) Personalize your gifts with a 3D recreation of your face, which won't be creepy at all!
Hat Tip: J-No.

(3) The concept art for this Steampunk “Epic Mickey” game is absolutely breathtaking.

(4) Robert Knepper looks like he's going to be a great antagonist for our Heroes in this Season 4 Volume 5 trailer. Does anyone else think it's confusing that they did two volumes in season 3 so that the volume number is now one higher than the season number?

(5) Read all about the planned Depp/Burton Vampire goodness then check out the Alice in Wonderland trailer at the end of the article. They're seriously one of my favorite actor/director teams ever.

(6) Ridley Scott returns to the Alien franchise for the fifth film in the series, which will be a prequel. I'm drooling acid at the thought of another movie in that series that might actually be good.

(7) Think you know G.I.Joe? Here's a complete timeline from the 1940s comic strip to the upcoming live action film. I knew Burgess Meredith provided the voice of the main villain in 1987's G.I.Joe: The Movie, but had no idea he'd starred in the 1945 Story of G.I. Joe. It's funny how often we measure reality and pop culture by the events within our own lifetimes and don't always realize what came prior.

(8) See the progression of advertising for the webgame “Evony”. For some reason, that latest ad suddenly makes me want to play....

(9) Will advertisers finally reach the surface of the moon with Shadow Shaping technology? At least it wouldn't be permanent like Chairface Chippendale's laser...

(10) Deboning fish is easy with the Wunder Boner! Best line of the commercial: “My wife would like that!”

Have a link to a game, movie, article, or anything else you think might be “phantasmic”? E-mail me and it just might appear in an upcoming PHANTASMIC LINKS!



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