MCF's Perilous 5.III Questions

MCF's Perilous! is a quiz in reverse. Yesterday, I posted ten answers. You had to come up with the corresponding questions. Here's the scoring system:

1 pt=each question
2 pts=each question that matches MCF's
-1 pt=any sentences not in question form, or forgetting a question mark
15 pts=Bonus for the Best Question

And here are the results from Series 5, Round 3:

B13: 51

Spockgirl: 12

As the only participant in this final found, B13 was pretty much guaranteed to rack up the points. Knowing me in real life probably gives him some advantage. Fortunately, the points mean absolutely nothing. B13's Goro answer to #6 was the one which cracked me up and earned the bonus. I think question #3 was probably one of the more obvious ones I've written, and this may be the first time someone guessed what I was looking for. I'll have to look back at some of the old ones as I don't recall if that ever happened before. Thanks to all who ever participated in any round of MCF's Perilous!; I hope you had as much fun coming up with questions as I did thinking up answers. Here are the questions I had in mind for this week's game:

1. Fourteen years.
For approximately how long has my mom raised her cat Cubby?

2. It ripped open, and I limped out of there.
What happened to the blister on my left heel after I ran seven miles in the gym the other day?

3. 162 pounds.
How much do I weigh right now?

4. With the filing cabinets removed, we all had big holes under our windows.
What was the temporary downside of having new carpeting put in our offices at work, beyond losing the landing space provided by several filing cabinets?

5. Canon Powershot S2 IS 5.0 mp.
What kind of camera have I been using for the past four or five years?

6. Daigoro.
What is the name shared by both the child in the Lone Wolf and Cub series and a dog in Final Fantasy X?

7. An enchanted mace.
What kind of weapon, with which he shares his name, is the source of the hero Thunderstrike's power?

8. “Fiendish”.
How would one describe Dr. Wu?

9. Multiple.
What kind of Santa(s) did The Tick once battle?

10. October 13th.
When will this all end?



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