T.I.L.T. Things I've Learned Thursday XXXII

At 32, the roman numerals for Things I've Learned Thursday aren't as risqué as they were for 30, but sooner or later I was bound to learn some new things or think of old things I learned that I had yet to share:

* Dave Franco is the younger brother of James Franco, and other than a resemblance shares none of his older sibling's talent. For all the quiet, brooding, tortured roles that James has done(Pineapple Express notwithstanding), Dave is currently doing the exact opposite as an obnoxious med student on the spinoff of Scrubs that's disguised as a new season of the old show with a few original cast members loitering around the periphery. Actually, he has a lot in common with his brother's stoner character from the Pineapple Express, which is probably why I can't stand the kid and he's my least favorite of the new characters. About the only time he's mildly funny is when they contrast him against someone more knowledgeable and well-spoken like Dr. Cox, and then it's not Franco that's funny but John C. McGinley's line delivery when he repeats something like, “That's right...I am like Shakespeare...yo.” I miss what Scrubs used to be.

* Speaking of Willie Shakes(which sounds like the way Franco's character might refer to him), I just noticed he died at the age of 52. It always amazes me when I consider what some people accomplished within a relatively short time on this Earth, compared to what most of us accomplish with more time.

* January 6th is the traditional day most Catholics have chosen over the years as the time to take down the tree and other decorations, because the Epiphany holiday marks the end of the Twelve Days of Christmas. My family decorates later and later each year, with the tree going up on Christmas Eve and often some straggling ornaments being added the following morning. So we've never been to strict with the 12 day thing, and probably won't be taking anything down before the weekend. I don't think my dad will be turning the outside lights on anymore this week, but I don't think he'll bring them inside just yet.

* You can wear a ski mask, sunglasses, and a knit hat on top of it all to stay warm while walking at lunch on a cold day, but coworkers will still greet you by name no matter how much you're thinking you look like a ninja or a superhero. I wonder what other lies comic books have told me over the years?

* If you put “itanimulli.com” into your web browser, it will bring you to the NSA web site because someone purchased the domain name and added a redirect to the URL. It will also send bloggers and conspiracy theorists into a frenzy, and create major traffic and bandwidth issues, distracting everyone from the true threat: Alvin and the Chipmunks: The Squeakquel.

* If you're going to pretend to fall backwards in the hallway at work, dodging a pen your friend mimed throwing while imitating the rooftop bullet time sequence from The Matrix, it might be a good idea to look behind you first and make sure there are no executives or hot girls. Contrary to my typical luck, my geek acrobatics conjured neither, which was weird. It was only when my friend said “You’re lucky no one saw that!” that it occurred to me. Has my improbability become so normal, that the only improbable event would be for something improbable not to happen? That kind of stuff makes my head hurt. Clearly I need to delve into my comic book stacks, the source of all my accurate scientific knowledge...



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