Firsts and Lasts 2009

I cannot believe it's 2010. I cannot believe it's 2010, and still we have no flying cars. But at least the last decade brought us this:

Oh yes, I think that's going to be an annual tradition, unless I find something better or shut down the Nexus in 2010. Anything is possible. I'm learning to live in the now, and right now I'm going to look to the past because I'm a riddle wrapped in an enigma. Or something. In any event, as I did last year, and the one before that, I'm going to post the first and last sentence of each month. To avoid repetition, I'll probably go with the second-to-last post for any month that might end on a Phantasmic Links post, or any other regular feature that always ends on the same sentence. So here goes my 2009, the condensed version:

”....same as the old year?”
“Freaking GoBots.”

”Most people are shocked in 2009 when they learn that my parents don't have Cable, that our television signal comes from an analog antenna mounted on the chimney outside our house.”
“Good luck!”

”Have you ever done one of those stretch-yawn combinations as you stood up too quickly, resulting in the blood rushing to your head and the room spinning a little?”
“I'd like to read that...”

”Me think am done photographs for good or for now.”
“Now I know, and knowing is...something something...

”I don't like difficult people.”
“There's no telling who I'll meet next...”

“I'll be back....sooner hopefully than later...”

”I'm BACK!”
“It's mostly a fun, narcissistic indulgence, even if there are some nights when it feels like homework...”

”It seems like just last month that I was writing about my favorite quote, among other things.
“Sleep, and enjoy this time; you've earned it.”

”The world of entertainment was rocked on Monday with news of a merger of epic proportions.”
“In any case, this week's Photo Blog Wednesday features cloudy camera phone pics from the other side:”

”We've all done it.”
“Also, this whole piece reads a lot better if you imagine The Fresh Prince rapping it....”

”I had a truly excellent Halloween this year!”
“Feel free to expand upon these or add your own in the comments section!”

”Every year, my Thanksgiving weekend is my longest weekend, four days off from work that I extend by taking an extra day or two of my own.”

It's been a year! Now, let's start a NEW one!


Blogger Kev said...

I like this method of wrapping up the year! Happy New Year!

1/01/2010 8:54 AM  

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