...if you were to buy a new pair of sneakers of better quality, and you started to get a blister on the side of your foot where it was catching between the seams, would you go back to the old pair(again) or push through it until the new ones were broken in?

...if aliens offered you a chance to visit their home planet, but it meant leaving behind your family and friends and falling significantly behind at work, would you go?

...if the bus you’re driving has a bomb that’s set to go off if you drop below 80 MPH, and you encounter traffic, what do you do? What DO you do?

...if you read the same question twice, would you notice?

...if the middle-aged cleaning lady always came over sprayed disinfectant and wiped down the machines next to the one you’re using as soon as you start your routine everyday, would you be offended or leery?

...if you struck up an e-mail conversation with a girl whom a friend was trying to fix you up with, and she stopped replying after three or four encouraging ego-boosting exchanges, would it be safe to assume after three days of silence that you’d scared her off with your nail-in-the-coffin boring-ass “what TV shows do you like?” inquiry? Would it be impolite or desperate to send another e-mail with a more interesting topic if she hadn’t replied to your last one?

...if a tree fell in the forest, like right next to you, and didn’t make a sound, would you go to a doctor or a priest?

...if you repeatedly, repeatedly said or did stupid things that sabotaged the life you want to have, things that only occurred to you in facepalming moments of hindsight, how would you learn from your mistakes?

...if you could gain a truly nifty superhuman ability at the cost of one of your five senses, and you didn’t know which one you’d lose, would you go for it?

...if you read the same question twice, would you notice?

...if cars consistently sped up every time you crossed the street at a stop sign, would you develop a complex?

...if you snapped your belt and demanded answers, would you get them?

...if I was too tired to make up more than 5 or 6 questions, would you care?


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