T.I.L.T. Things I've Learned Thursday XXXIII

At 33, will Things I've Learned Thursday become a more regular weekly feature? I wish I learned enough to do this post every week. Truth be told, I wish I remembered all the stuff I’ve learned...

* Gym and church attendance decreases exponentially week by week at the beginning of the year, after record increases that have me parking three blocks away from the gym or squeezing in to a pew next to a family of 8 I've never seen before at church.

* The printed page might never go away completely, but there's a major shift toward the internet that will decrease paper use significantly in the next few years. Pretty soon we'll have more junkmail in our inbox than our mailbox.

* Always take advantage of the extra time to think that the written word affords versus the spoken word. It's amazing how easy it is to type something stupid without thinking.

* When you get something like Road Trip: Beer Pong in the mail, it's time to check the order of your Netflix Queue.

* In the Winter, it is always good to check oneself in a mirror after removing a hat. It is entirely possible to walk around an office for four hours with Dragon Ball hair and not have anyone tell you.

* "Salt Speckle" should be an official color option for new cars, since we're all driving that color NOW. Sorry, car washes....

* Life goes on, whether we are cowards or heroes. At least that's what my fortune cookie said at lunch on Wednesday.

* People over the age of 50 seem to find it disturbingly funny to read fortunes aloud and tack “in bed” to the end of them. I don't know why.

* The light at the end of the tunnel is often a train, but that shouldn't stop us from looking, or we might miss the one time we don't get hit.

* But it usually is a train.



Blogger Kev said...

I do the "...in bed" thing with fortunes, and my kids say "..in the bathroom!" when they read their fortunes!

1/15/2010 2:00 AM  

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