In the Core Drama Universe

I always knew when I used the Core Marvel Universe meme as the inspiration for a Core Sitcom post in which I examined some of the more unlikely but accepted plot developments in our favorite comedies, that one day I'd turn my attention to dramas in a similar fashion.

And that day...

[overly dramatic pause]

...that day...

[another dramatic pause]

...is today.

Dramas might take things more seriously, but how many things would ever actually happen in real life? It doesn't stop us from watching, of course. If anything; we watch even more. So take a gander at some of the descriptions below, knowing that there might be SPOILERS, and see how many you recognize, clicking each one to confirm your suspicions:

IN THE CORE DRAMA UNIVERSE, a police officer was shot in the face and saved by a billionaire, who paid for plastic surgery so good that the cop had to be portrayed by a different actor. He was given a car to drive, powered by an intelligent computer and armed with a variety of special devices, and occasionally clashed with the billionaire's actual son, who looked just like him save for some evil facial hair.

IN THE CORE DRAMA UNIVERSE, a man was hit by a car and killed, but got better when an entire season turned out to be his wife's dream.

IN THE CORE DRAMA UNIVERSE, an entire series about doctors in a hospital turned out to be the fantasy of an autistic boy staring into a snowglobe.

IN THE CORE DRAMA UNIVERSE, fake credit cards are enough to support two brothers whose full-time “job” is to wander the country hunting supernatural creatures, never actually getting paid for any of it.

IN THE CORE DRAMA UNIVERSE, a Renaissance inventor was far ahead of his time, with his most important discovery of immortality being the motivation for a 21st-century man to create an entirely fake branch of the CIA.

IN THE CORE DRAMA UNIVERSE, the bully from Stand By Me can handle any terrorist threat within the confines of a single day, and never needs to sleep or use the bathroom.

IN THE CORE DRAMA UNIVERSE, a man working in the basement of the FBI was privy to cases no one else was willing to accept or believe, which went beyond what conventional science and wisdom told us to be true. He was given an attractive but skeptical female partner, who had a bad habit of being unconscious or otherwise occupied whenever they were being abducted by aliens or facing some other concrete proof of the extra-normal.

IN THE CORE DRAMA UNIVERSE, doctors in an emergency room gave such attention to their patients that they'd occasionally straddle their gurney while trying to revive them, a doctor lost his arm to one helicopter and his life to another, and Hollywood leading man George Clooney was a television star.

IN THE CORE DRAMA UNIVERSE, a high school girl routinely beat up vampires and other supernatural creatures, and even dated a few.

IN THE CORE DRAMA UNIVERSE, the survivors of a plane crash on a very unusual island--including a fugitive, an Iraqi torturer, a rock star, a con man, and a millionaire among others--all more or less followed the lead of the older brother from Party of Five.

Feel free to expand upon these or add your own in the comments section!



Anonymous Anonymous said...

In all fairness, I don't think it's unusual for staff in an emergency room to pay attention to the people they have to treat! :-)

When it comes to St. Elsewhere, remember that it has implications beyond that show. An awful lot of TV exists in the mind of that little boy...

12/23/2009 1:42 AM  

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