Cloakfest 2K9: Words & Pictures

Can you believe that five years ago on this date, I began the Nexus of Improbability? This is post # 1,834, though by my calculations it should be 1,825. So not only have I written something once a day since 2004, but there's a few extra posts in there as well. That's a lot of words for a guy who makes his living as an artist, putting words and pictures together, more often than not the words and pictures of others. So it is nice to have an outlet to express myself, to share my own writing and photography. Sometimes I tire of it, and there are days I feel like I'm just phoning it in. I'm so close to an even 2,000, that I doubt I'd quit before then. And since I'll reach that momentous occasion prior to my 6 year anniversary, I'd probably keep going until I had an even number of years. Maybe someday I'll spend more time as myself than as MCF, and maybe it will be within the next year. Every time I think I'm done, I find a reason to keep going. It's a great metaphor for life.

To celebrate this year, I asked my readers to send me their words and photos, and I'd see what I could do about combining them creatively. Our first submitter asked to remain anonymous, so I'll let the CD cover I created from his photo and text speak for itself:

Our old friend from overseas FawnDoo sent me several interesting submissions. The first photo was taken from the site where he proposed to his wife, some wonderful wooded place with a stone ring in the distance. Scotland is so cool to have its own Stargate. I've only found one in America, but the iris was closed. Someday I'll figure out how to get through and travel instantaneously to another country. Anyway, though I wish there was a closer shot of Scotland's big ring, I still managed to incorporate it into a DVD cover:

Our final image also comes from FawnDoo, since I couldn't settle on just one, and not at all because no one else sent me anything. Hopefully this movie poster shows that even the simplest photo can inspire a concept:

My blogiversary date may be over but Cloakfest 2K9 continues! Tune in tomorrow for another “revealing” Photo Blog Wednesday, then join us on Thursday as I wrap up another year with links to the ESSENTIAL posts from the last 365 days! You won't want to miss it!



Blogger Kev said...

If I haven't already done so, let me wish you a happy blogoversary!

10/13/2009 8:23 AM  
Anonymous MCF said...

Thanks Kevbayer!

10/13/2009 1:21 PM  
Blogger Lorna said...

In my head, I've been congratulating you on your 5th since you posted the coming events trailer. In reality, I got caught up in something apparently. thanks for 5 years of excellent photo-journaling and interesting well-written posts.

10/14/2009 4:48 AM  
Blogger FawnDoo said...

Oh, nice job with the reflection in the water! :-) When I saw it I couldn't think of a better place to pop the question...after all, if she had said no, I could always have dialled out and tried my luck on another planet!

Happy birthday to the Nexus, MCF, and well done on not missing a single day. As a blogger who has not only missed days but months, and possibly a full year or so, I am filled with nothing but admiration. Admiration and jealousy. Admiration, jealousy and loathing. But mainly admiration. ;-)

10/14/2009 2:34 PM  
Blogger Rey said...

Man, I forgot to send in a picture and words.

I echo FawnDoo's jealousy and self-loathing as I happily congratulate you on your Blogoversary.

10/14/2009 4:33 PM  
Blogger FawnDoo said...

Hey, I never said anything about it being *self* loathing! ;-)

10/15/2009 9:27 AM  

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