PBW: Restoration

Every year, my mom enters various crafts in a Fall fair at the Old Bethpage Village Restoration. I've managed to skip it most years, my only involvement helping her drop off and pick up her entries. She usually comes home with several ribbons for her wreaths, angels, jewelry, flower arrangements and other creations. She entered one of my uncle’s old paintings this year, and he won a second place ribbon and a cash prize! I told her that stuff was art.

This past Sunday, though I was tired from doing work at my dad's lot, I tagged along and brought my camera for Photo Blog Wednesday. I'm glad I did. There was so much to see, and the two hours I had to wander before it was time to pack up were not enough. Besides the rides on the fairgrounds, there was an old timey baseball team, old cars, old houses, old soldiers, animals, trails, and more. I got to see my dad in the audience watching a civil war brass band, sheer joy on his face. I saw a sinister accordion player providing music for a classic dance. I saw horses and pigs and ducks, and found trails on the edges of the property, some of which oversaw a dam that I was unable to reach. I even saw a Dalmatian behind the wheel of a pickup truck. It turned out to be a great day, and I definitely need to go back and spend more time exploring, either with friends, if I can convince them, or on my own. A local politician proposed shutting the place down to save money, and I hope that doesn't happen. It's even more incentive to immortalize the place digitally:



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