Cloakfest 2K9

You know, October 13th isn't that far away. I'm sure people have already marked their calendars, so it's not necessary for me to remind you that it's the anniversary of my first post here at The Nexus. That's right, in a few weeks I will have been posting something every day for FIVE years. And that means it's time for:


The time, she flies, yes?

CLOAKFEST celebrates my anniversary over the course of a few days, and always incorporates my October 13th anniversary date as well as a Wednesday, which I'll explain below. Here's the breakdown for this year's festivities:

1) Tuesday, October 13th: On the date of my blog-iversary, I have something special planned. I'd like each of you to send a photo to me at MCFSPU@hotmail.com, along with a two word phrase. The photo can be of yourself, or a pet, or a nice scene, or pretty much anything you like. I only ask that it's a photo you yourself have taken, and that you please, PLEASE keep it clean. Minimum size should be 600 x 800 pixels.Your two words can be your name, or two random words that you like, or pretty much anything you choose, again provided you keep it clean.

Your deadline to send me stuff is Tuesday, October 6. I'll choose the best photo(s) and phrase(s) and, through the magic of GRAPHIC DESIGN, combine them into something. And if I get multiple good entries, I just might mix and match. Will your photo become a movie poster? A book cover? A CD or DVD case? There's only one way to find out.

2) Wednesday, October 14th:
Will this be the year that Photo Blog Wednesday reveals all? I always tease and then just show a baby picture or a body part or a coworker. Maybe it's time to drop the hoaxes and misdirection, and end the fifth season with what everyone's been waiting for, which will be anticlimactic at this point. Maybe you’ll find out I’m actually a woman. Or maybe I'll just do something else entirely. Whatever photos I show will have to be something special to mark the occasion, and hopefully I'll think of something good.

3) Thursday, October 15th:
And finally, just as The Essential MCF 2K7-2K8 provided summaries and highlights of my fourth year, so too will The Essential MCF 2K8-2K9 cover my fifth. This is always the most challenging task for me each year, and with no weekends free I've already started compiling my summaries, to hopefully avoid being up until the wee hours of a Wednesday evening.

So start snapping or digging through photo albums, reflect on the past year, and think about what pictures I might post. Spread the word; it's only a few weeks away!



Blogger Lorna said...

i'M AT FIVE YEARS TOO, but not every day. I really admire your ability to do that.

9/19/2009 12:25 AM  
Blogger Lyndon said...

Wow that was fast!! November, will mark four years since I've been blogging. But nowhere as consistent as you've been :)

9/19/2009 4:35 AM  

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