A Movie Thing Eight.

Ah, Summer. It’s a time for warmer weather, spending time outside, listening to or making music. It’s also a big movie season, as people escape the heat in the cool darkness of theaters and embrace the biggest box office bombardments. And so, what better time for another round of the Movie Keyword Meme:

1) Go to IMDB.com and look up 10 films.
2) Post five (5) official IMDB "Plot Keywords" for these 10 picks.
3) Have your friends guess the movie titles.

Answers will be posted tomorrow, including the common theme linking my choice of films. Let’s see how sharp you cinephiles can be:

1) Time Machine, Spy Spoof, Retro Style Secret Agent, Actor Playing Multiple Roles, Character Name In Title.

2) Curator, Riddle, Eyeglasses, Invisible Ink, Liberty Bell.

3) Plastic Bubble, Wedding, Ice Cream Truck, Crude Humor, Chosen One.

4) Homeland Security, U.S. President, Hallucination, Interracial Friendship, Sequel.

5) Memory Loss, Holocaust Joke, Bachelor Party, Las Vegas Nevada, Binge Drinking.

6) Best Friend, Party Crashing, Flirting, Touch Football, Blockbuster.

7) NASCAR, French Stereotype, Psychosomatic Illness, Frat Pack, Alabama.

8) Alcoholic, Superhero, Tornado, Soul Mate, Train Wreck.

9) Elf, Anti Hero, Brother Sister Relationship, Steampunk, Based On Comic.

10) Fraternity, Old Age, Hazing, Drunk Scene, Death of Friend.



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