Shuffle Bored

It's interesting that, in the digital age, with a click of a button we can stir up nearly every song we've ever listened to at various times in our lives. We all have a range of tastes, and go through various phases or rap, rock, metal, and more. Just how varied are my tastes? If I were to shuffle around my MP3s, and list the first 25 songs that came up, it might look a little something like this:

1) What's the Frequency, Kenneth? - REM

2) Love Shack - THE B52S

3) Bombs Over Baghdad - OUTKAST

4) Two Tickets to Paradise - EDDIE MONEY

5) Ghostbusters II Theme - RUN DMC

6) Vampires - GODSMACK


8) Every Rose Has Its Thorn - POISON

9) To Be With You - MR. BIG

10) It's My Life - BON JOVI

11) Break Stuff - LIMP BIZKIT

12) Beds Are Burning - MIDNIGHT OIL

13) Duality - SLIPKNOT

14) Janie's Got A Gun - AEROSMITH

15) Jump Around - HOUSE OF PAIN

16) Water's Edge - SEVEN MARY THREE


18) Sister Christian - NIGHT RANGER

19) Ode to a Superhero - “WEIRD AL” YANKOVIC

20) Buddy Holly - WEEZER

21) Daydream Believer - THE MONKIES

22) House of the Rising Sun - ANIMALS

23) Crazy Mary - PEARL JAM

24) Bodies - DROWNING POOL

25) No Woman, No Cry - BOB MARLEY

As for how that all sounds together, you'll have to use your imaginations, or shuffle your own players...


Blogger Lyndon said...

Except for Night Ranger, I have all of those songs on my iPod as well :)

5/29/2009 11:41 AM  

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