MCF's COMMON Bondz 4

B13 and Lyndon both had some great guesses to yesterday's edition of MCF's COMMON! Some answers were right, and though some answers weren't the ones I was looking for, they weren't technically wrong. So, how obscure were the connections in each group? How big of a geek am I? Rhetorical though that may be, I'm still about to prove it:

(A) Hart to Hart.
(B) Suddenly Susan.
(C) Star Trek.
(D) Unsolved Mysteries.
This is going to be the most obscure set of all, and I would have bowed to anyone's geek superiority for noticing that each show counted among its stars Lionel Stander, Judd Nelson, Leonard Nimoy, and Robert Stack, respectively. Some of you may now realize that all four actors provided vocal talents in The Transformers: The Movie.

(A) Africa.
(B) Canada.
(C) Germany.
(D) Russia.
The X-Men were not always as popular as they are today, but they got their first big boost with the introduction of several diverse new team members in 1975's Giant Size X-Men #1. These popular characters are still around today and hailed from the countries listed above: Storm(Africa), Wolverine(Canada), Nightcrawler(Germany), and Colossus(Russia). And as Lyndon guessed, yes these are also all countries I've yet to visit.

(A) Keri Russell.
(B) Jennifer Garner.
(C) Evangeline Lilly.
(D) Anna Torv.
These lovely ladies have all held leading roles in popular J.J. Abrams series: Russell in Felicity, Garner in Alias, Lilly in Lost, and Torv in the new hit Fringe. And yes Joe, they are all HOT BABES. Abrams knows what he's doing.

(A) Chris Latta.
(B) Aron Kincaid.
(C) Scott McNeil.
(D) Rob Zombie.
These guys are voice actors who have played reptilian characters: Cobra Commander(Latta), Killer Croc(Kincaid), Dinobot(McNeil), and The Lizard(Zombie).

(A) Mass Increase.
(B) Fire Manipulation.
(C) Limited-time Invulnerability.
(D) Flying Raccoon Transmogrification.
I knew the last ability would give it away, but anything else would have made it impossible: these are indeed a list of upgrades that Mario has had over the years; Lyndon even specified Super Mario Bros. 3 as the one game in which all of those upgrades were available. He also had a frog suit in that game, as well as a leaf that gave him just the ears and tail of a raccoon, as opposed to his full-fledged Tanuki suit.



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too arcane for me, but it does show what kind of free-range brain you have.

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