PBW: 911

We should never forget the events of September 11, 2001. I certainly won't. I remember hearing radio reports on the way in to work, remember everyone in the office huddled around radios or wandering around in a daze. I remember the frantic people who had loved ones in the city. I remember an e-mail from my ex-girlfriend telling me the husband of one of our former coworkers was among many listed on a website of missing persons. We had attended their wedding a few years prior, and it was surreal to find myself at his memorial service; his body was never found, and he left behind a pregnant wife and a small daughter. Time has a way of healing wounds, as it should, but the memory of those lost should be kept alive.

After finding myself at Eisenhower Park last week for a barbecue that had been canceled due to sporadically bad weather, I made my way to the 911 Memorial, which had always been under construction on prior visits. Between the finished memorial and ominous clouds building in the distance, I captured a good array of images for this week's Photo Blog Wednesday:

ā€¯Great harm has been done to us.
We have suffered great loss.

In our grief and anger, we have found our mission and our moment...

America is successful because of the hard work, creativity and enterprise of our people.

This country will define our times and not be defined by them...

We will not tire, we will not falter, and we will not fail.

-George W. Bush, quote from 9/21/01 address to congress etched on a plaque by the memorial.



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