PBW: Memorial.

Before we get to this week's Photo Blog Wednesday, I have some sad news to share.

After a recent health struggle took a turn for the worse, B13 had to bid a farewell to his beloved friend Chili, the Schipperke. B13 and his wife introduced this cat person to his first dog show, and over time I've gotten used to their canines and learned that dogs were more than scary animals like the one that once chased me into traffic as a boy. Over the years my parents and I have had to say goodbye to several cats, and I know the void losing a pet can leave in a home.

I'll remember Chili's energy, and especially his dark eyes, sometimes only noticeable against his black fur when they'd reflect bits of light. I remember sitting in B13's living room one time with a tray of Chinese food as a bunch of us gathered to watch a movie, feeling a presence by my leg, and looking down to see those deep, dark eyes gazing up at me, hypnotically urging me to drop a piece of chicken. He'll be missed not only by his owners, but by those fortunate enough to have met the little guy. In his honor, I'm reposting a desktop image of Chili I took last Fall:

I have a philosophy that things on this Earth are finite to give them value. We treasure our friends, family, and pets because we're not going to be with them forever, not in this world. It makes the time we have together a precious gift. On Monday we honored our fallen soldiers. After a morning of parades, prayer, and rifle salutes to ensure that these brave men and women would not be forgotten, I took some solemn shots of the flag on our front lawn, and some other colorful scenes around the yard. Already the petals are starting to fall off some of my mom's flowers, but there will be a fresh bloom next Spring, just as I hope we'll see old friends in the next life.

Desktop images:



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