I Still

....haven't seen Iron Man, but I can't wait.

...have my tonsils.

...live with my parents.

...can't go to bed before 1 AM.

...check SouthCon every day.

...haven't found what I'm looking for.

...don't know where that spider is, but I did grab a moth in a single swipe.

...avoid fast food during the week, though as I feel mentally and physically better, the temptation to eat junk is paradoxically stronger.

...think I'm the best singer in my car.

...own every comic book, toy, notebook, homework assignment, DVD, videocassette, receipt and article of clothing I've ever owned. I'm in this room somewhere, but it's easy to get lost.

...find unrelated short sentences or paragraphs tied together by the thinnest of thematic elements to be an effective way to combat writer's block.

...don't know where my favorite Winter hat has gone.

...walk every day possible.

...don't want to grow up; I'm a Toys ‘R Us kid. And, as I understand it, there are a million toys at Toys ‘R Us that I can play with. I would imagine they have everything from bikes to trains to video games, and that it's the greatest toy store there is. Gee whiz!

...lean heavily toward the geekier aspects of my personality. Shh, don't tell anyone.

...lose track of when I’m being self-conscious and when I’m just doing self-deprecating humor.

...can't figure out how this guy got 48 people to vote for him just by posting stupid pictures of himself. Maybe I should lift the ban on putting my real face on the internet.

...watch Smallville. Someday they should release a DVD boxed set with the three or four amazing episodes from each season, such as the one which aired the other day. Just when I get overly bored or critical they remind me of the potential they often waste, and drag me back in.

...have another 68 episodes and 2 straight-to-DVD film sequels to watch before I'm all caught up on Stargate SG-1. After that I guess it's on to MacGyver, or Atlantis. I'm so far behind on everything my friends have seen.

...can't get my Netflix queue under 500 movies(plus another 100 or so I have to keep in a text file on my hard drive until slots open up because 500 is the limit.) I've rated 1,927 discs on their site and I don't think I've scratched the surface.

...have a few months before our antenna no longer has television signals to pick up and we're forced to get something digital. I can't wait.

...won't lift the ban on putting my real face on the internet.


Blogger b13 said...

Regarding your TV woes... Read this in the Times this week and you might find it to be helpful: NY Times article::Digital TV

5/03/2008 12:43 AM  
Blogger MCF said...

Thanks! I thought antennas weren't going to work AT ALL and we HAD to get Cable. The article suggests that a converter box will work with an existing antenna as long as it's not in a place for interference like rabbit ears in a room--we have a big antenna mounted on our chimney.

It's still probably not the BEST solution, but the article and the links in it definitely showed me some of the options to explore.

5/03/2008 10:48 AM  
Blogger Lorna said...

what a clear, but unsettling, picture we're getting of you.

5/04/2008 10:05 AM  
Blogger Ali said...

Dag!! I have to say I can relate to some of those.

Well I don't live with my parents anymore, I live with my brother. Hmm not sure if that's better or not? lol

5/06/2008 4:32 PM  

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