Phantasmic Links 4.28.08

Is music my happy place? The more I walked through Brooklyn on Sunday, the more songs I played with an Italian festival band, the better I felt. The rain held off, and a few young couples on the sidewalks made out to our musical stylings. In the words of Pat Cooper, “It was'a so niice.” Did that sound more like Borat? Even when typing, my impressions suck. At least I'm good at finding PHANTASMIC LINKS :

(1) Blah blah blah Myclofigia. Blah blah click blah blah.

(2) Have you heard of a little something called Bracket Blogs? After a few weeks we've whittled things down to two blogs, battling it out fiercely. Stop by and choose your favorite, only if you haven't already. I have a lot of counting and double checking ahead of me in the next few days.

(3) Do you shoot or holster your weapon? I only scored 260 and I tried to focus on what each character was holding, regardless of skin tone. Sometimes what I thought was a wallet was a pistol, and sometimes a pistol turned out to be a cell phone. It's definitely an eye-opening exercise. Here were my average reaction times:
Black Armed:665.56ms
Black Unarmed:838.76ms
White Armed:696.8ms
White Unarmed:754.2ms

(4) These days, we take color photos for granted, but they've only been around for 100 years. Travel back and see the first colour photos of Britain.

(5) Behold: The Impossible Art of Li Wei!

(6) Enjoy even more visual delight and see how Bills stack up against reality.
Hat Tip: B13.

(7) Jimmy Fallon is replacing Conan O'brien. I wonder if he'll crack up during his own monologues?
H.T.: Rey.

(8) This is ridiculously dead-on: 8 (Pointless) Laws All Comic Book Movies Follow. The Fruit Roll-Ups parallel nearly made me do a spit-take.
H.T.: Sean.

(9) The inter-webs reach farms via a Firefox Crop Circle.

(10) This is just some vivid and beautiful photography.

(11) Annie Liebovitz gives celebrities the Disney fairy tail treatment.

(12) Car-tapult, anyone? I never see cool stuff like then when I'm wandering through fields...

(13) Navigate four sections of a maze simultaneously to reunite a family.

(14) The best thing I've heard all week: Faith No More vs. Queen vs AC/DC. Holy. Crap.
H.T.: Sean.

(15) DOEO! I guarantee this is the most addictive game you'll play all week. Can you click enough of these things to make it to the king and beat the game? Will you end up using that voice in your daily life? DOEO!
H.T.: B13.

Have a link to a game, movie, article, or anything else you think might be “phantasmic”? E-mail me and it just might appear in an upcoming PHANTASMIC LINKS!



Blogger b13 said...

Your Score: 500
Average reaction time:
Black Armed:614.6ms
Black Unarmed:779.2ms
White Armed:604ms
White Unarmed:713.68ms

I reunited the family :)

I had to download that mash-up! I love that junk!

4/28/2008 12:48 AM  
Blogger Lyndon said...

Damn!! That mash-up is probably one of the best I've heard.

4/28/2008 3:24 PM  

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