MCF's Perilous! III

Now that the holidays are winding down, in the calm before the storm of another new year, it's time for the third round of MCF's Perilous!! Things were pretty exciting last time, and can only get more exciting. Below, you will find 20 answers. You will have one week to come up with the corresponding questions and post them on your blogs, leaving a link to your post in the comments below. Next week, I'll reveal the questions I was thinking of, along with everyone's scores.

As of right now, the points finally matter. That's right, I've thought about it, and asked myself what the one thing is that most people who read this blog are looking for. The points carry over from one installment to the next, and I've decided that after five rounds the person with the most points can redeem them for this nifty “prize”, a piece of an important puzzle. It would spoil the fun to reveal what I'm giving away, but I will say it won't be valuable alone, and the winner will have incentive to keep winning. How's that for cryptic? After five rounds, the scores will reset, and every five rounds a new winner could potentially gain a piece of the Mysterious master prize.

To continue to be fair to newcomers, I've raised the bonus this week to 15 points for what I subjectively deem the best question. Make me laugh in a creative and clever way, and you have a shot. I'm sure it will be a tough decision as always. Here's the current scoring system:

1 pt=each question
2 pts=each question that matches MCF's
-1 pt=not posting in question form, forgetting a question mark, or including a statement with your question
15 pts=Bonus for the Best Question

Will you face the perils below and attain the maximum points possible? I can't wait to read your questions. Here are the next 20 answers:

1. Cosmos.


3. Blixem.

4. Donna Dixon.

5. Sleepy

6. Doc

7. That was how he got to Luchow's.


9. “Did they teach you that fancy psychology in college?”

10. Haim Saban; Paul Dini; Bruce Timm

11. Alfred E. Neuman.

12. Because I threw his leather coat out of the car when he dared me not to.

13. Rey.

14. They make saliva.

15. “Freedom is the right of all sentient beings.”

16. Hyperballistic.

17. A single, thick eyebrow.

18. It could summon help, warn of danger, grow in size, cast energy blasts, act as a shield, and unlock an ancient tome.

19. Eye contact.

20. Lettuce, Flan, and genuine Chinese food.

Good luck, people...