PBW: Arachno/Philia

Owning a digital camera can really change a person. Granted, I was always the sort of person to catch insects in the house and release them into the wild, but there were definitely exceptions. If a spider or some other many-legged invader appeared running across my bed, or anywhere near food in the kitchen, he'd be tissue paste in seconds. If I were watching television in the living room however, and noticed a spider waaaay up in a corner by the ceiling, I had no problem living and letting him live, at least until my mom noticed. When I saw a spider in my kitchen sink this past Saturday, I grabbed a paper towel then hesitated. I admired the form and markings, and suddenly thoughts of “let's finish this quickly” changed to “I better get my camera; this will make a great Photo Blog Wednesday:

Am I imagining things, or can you actually see the reflection of my camera in its abdomen in the previous shot?

So yes, I didn't have the heart to destroy my gracious model, and spared its life, ushering it into an old vitamin bottle that I then put out on our veranda. He(or she) remained for a while whenever I'd look out the back door, but departed by the next morning to parts unknown, hopefully to spread tales of fame and survival. For anyone traumatized by these images, I've also provided some cute shots of The Inimitable Mister Chirp, who can get comfortable anywhere, from piles of junk in my room to a basket my mom was planning to put my dad's Father's Day presents in.



Blogger cube said...

You are so right. Digital cameras do change your life... for the better! I love mine.

P.S. That spider looks HUGE!

6/21/2006 12:48 PM  
Blogger Lorna said...

I jumped off my chair when the cat went for the samurai-type

6/21/2006 8:26 PM  

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