Afterparty of Canned Laughter

I am exhausted. It could be because I got up early, drove out to Eastern Long Island, and spent a good part of my day in a parade behind a giant inflatable bear with a drunken smile while people, some with green hair, cheered from the sidelines. That could be the reason I was nodding off in church earlier, and why I passed out for a few hours after dinner tonight. It could be that, but more likely I'm just partied out after last night.

We certainly all had some laughs yesterday, but Improbability had the biggest laugh on me as usual, shifting so that blogger commenting was disabled on the day I chose for my second blog party, turning comedy into drama-dy. “Such is life”, as a good friend would say. Perhaps it wasn't the best day for a party and an upcoming column this week will poll readers about the specific future of the Blog Party, but my neighbors pulled together nonetheless. Between those who were able to comment, those who e-mailed me directly, and by going down the list in my blogroll, I was able to see other homes serving up some laughs. I've done my best to keep track, and hopefully I have everyone who contributed these past two days:

Film Geeks:
1. Charley Dietz from Empty Nest
2. Wilson from Home Improvement
3. Dauber from Coach

Stu's Rants:
1. Arthur Fonzarelli from Happy Days
2. Lowell Mather from Wings
3. Cliff Clavin & Norm Peterson from Cheers

Paradoxes and Problems:
1. The Chief from Get Smart
2. Cosmo Kramer from Seinfeld
3. Zorak from Space Ghost: Coast to Coast

The Happy Husband:
Mrs. Happy:
1. Dewey from Malcolm in the Middle
2. Stewie from Family Guy
3. Turk from Scrubs

1. Hank Scorpio from The Simpsons
2. Harry “The Hat” from Cheers
3. Sideshow Bob from The Simpsons

Willow Crossing:
1. Puddy from Seinfeld
2. Jimmy James from Newsradio
3. Karen from Will & Grace
J. Peterman from Seinfeld as a runner-up

The Bayer Family(Kev):
1. Radar from Mash
2. Frasier from Cheers
3. The Evil Monkey from Family Guy

The Boiled Egg of Infinity:
1. Ace Rimmer from Red Dwarf
2. Tim Canterbury from The Office(UK)
3. General Sir Anthony Hogmanay Melchett from Blackadder

Digressions from the Omniverse:
1. Ira Buchman from Mad about You
2. Frank Costanza from Seinfeld
3. Gene/Jean from Quark

And there you have it. Comments permitting, post any late entries or contributions I missed. Thanks again for the laughs neighbors; we'll do this again sometime!

”When you spin my buzzer, it plays the theme from ‘Night Court' starring Richard Moll.”



Blogger TheWriteJerry said...

Hey Gang -

Sorry I missed the party. Friday night I was doing the full-on Dad thing. I did do some research, got some photos for my entry, so I will propably do a Blog After Party if I get time tomorrow (but first comes being Dad, being boyfriend and working on a plot for a super-secret book my artist pal and I are trying to pitch).

3/13/2005 2:38 AM  
Blogger FawnDoo said...

Ahhh, so there was a problem with the comments! Glad it wasn't just me then...excellent party, I enjoyed reading the other entries. So when's the next one? ;-)

3/13/2005 5:40 PM  
Blogger The Drake said...

I also missed the party due to the Dad thing, but I'm going to toss in my two cents. anyway.

1. Nicholas Colasanto as Coach from Cheers.

2. Bernard Fox as Colonel Crittendon from Hogan's Heroes (also as Dr. Bombay from Bewitched)

3. And I can't figure how no one put this guy on their list -- David Hyde Pierce as Dr. Niles Crane from Frazier. One of the funniest bits I ever saw on TV was his opening to the 1999 Valentine's Day episode, where he notices a crease in his trousers, pulls out the ironing board, and ends up passed out on the floor after fainting from seeing his own blood. Priceless! I almost passed out myself from laughing so hard.

3/15/2005 8:10 AM  

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