Vowels are Overrated?

Hindsight, some say, is always 20/20. When I attempted to write a post sans vowels, it was a bit of a struggle. A few times my fingers hit one on the keyboard, and I had to go back and delete it before moving forward. It slowed down my writing considerably, and only when I neared the end did it occur to me that I probably should have written the post normally first, then gone back and removed all the vowels. Every day is a learning experience, some more than others. In any event, I'm now going to see if I can decipher/remember my own words, and provide a translation:

Dear Cloakfriends,

It's been a busy week. So busy, that I‘m too tired to even include vowels in today's post. For the sake of argument, I‘m not counting “y” as a vowel. To some, this will seem like gibberish. To others as insane as me, it will make perfect sense. It will be interesting to see how many of you can decipher what I‘ve written.

I have so many band gigs coming up. On Saturday, I have a rehearsal. On Sunday, some church gig(I hope I get home in time for LOST!). I am taking off on Monday, which will be the first day off in a month that was just to take off, not go to the hospital for my dad. And Tuesday night I have a procession for Padre Pio, so it's good LOST will be done. Then of course next weekend I have three gigs for Memorial Day! I really need that vacation day!

Wow. This is so much harder than I thought it would be. I don't know if I can write a whole post like this! I'm sure I‘ll accidentally forget to skip at least one vowel, if not more! Just Kidding. I did that on purpose. LOL. You would think writing fewer letters would take less time, but it‘s actually taking more. And there's no way to spell check this mess. So please, post your guesses in the comments section, and if remember myself, I‘ll tell you if you're right or even close.

Michael Wayvid Whorenelli.

P.S.-I've also started training for that annual race companies on Long Island do each year. Wednesday night I didn't get home until almost ten PM. So besides catching up on TV, you can bet I‘ll be putting in more hours down at the gym. Goals are important, and sometimes sacrifices are made in other areas to achieve those goals. Still, vowels should return tomorrow. Or I‘ll be REALLY evil and write a post that's ONLY vowels!

I have to admit, some of those were tough, and I'm the one who wrote it. Context helps, although more than once I thought it would be funny to just put the same vowel for everything. All around, it was an interesting brain exercise, and I may try more complex “codes” in the future. No one attempted to guess, although Spockgirl did respond with her own vowel-less message. Here's my best attempt at translating:

”Your really weird. but said would count "y" as a vowel. obviously changed your mind and said "y" is a consonant. must see that posting in only vowels would be way more difficult, is too many variables. This was pretty easy, and actually fun, and perhaps retarded.”

I wasn't sure about a few words in there either, but I think I was close. Normal prose should resume tomorrow....


Blogger Spockgirl said...

Now I feel really dumb commenting, but my grammar is considerably better than your translation of my comment.Good try though. Most of your post I went through very quickly, just a few parts threw me off a bit.You actually didn't use "Y" as a vowel in your post. I did do so in my comment, as evidenced by "You are" becoming plain old "r". Unless you were following the standard grammatical rule about "y".... gak. Stopping now. Thanks for the blog - that made my day... how sad is that.

5/22/2010 1:15 AM  

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