Phantasmic Links 3.8.10

Did you guess all the answers to my last ”movie” keyword game? Some of these shows have been made into movies, some will be made into movies, and some should be made into movies. More importantly, these are all shows that I like:

1) LOST.
2) 24.
3) The X-Files.
4) Firefly.
5) Chuck.
6) Smallville.
7) Supernatural.
8) Batman: The Animated Series.
9) Star Trek: The Next Generation.
10) The Simpsons.

Amazingly, I watch that much television, and still find time to find PHANTASMIC LINKS:

(1) In A Ball, there are some truly amazing high resolution panoramic shots of various locales that will make you feel like you're there.

(2) As much as I enjoy original recipe LOST, I really enjoyed a series of videos that play with opening sequences inspired by Baywatch, Smallville, Prison Break, The Wonder Years, The A-Team, Friends and perhaps best of all, Full House. Check out the related videos on any of those links to see if any of your favorite shows were mixed in as well.

(3) This Avatar 2 preview looks so good, I might see it in spite of not yet seeing the first one!

(4) TetriSnake is exactly the frustrating yet addictive combination of two games that it sounds like!

(5) Of all the things I would do with a winning lottery ticket, I can assure you that this is not one of them.
Hat Tip: J-No.

(6) Stan Lee explains why he deserves an Oscar, and I can't disagree.

(7) LOST's Last Supper promo pics offer clues to their final season, possibly improving upon a gimmick that other shows have used before. Fans, take note of who is sitting where, divided by whom...

(8) A simultaneous roll of 20-sided die offers some ‘80s geeks a revealing and terrifying look into the world in which we now live.
H.T.: Krispy.

(9) You never know when you're going to spot a certain superhero at a solemn memorial....

(10) And finally, Trololololololololololo! Turn up your speakers or headphones to full appreciate what I can only assume is some kind of creepy android from the ‘70s....

Have a link to a game, movie, article, or anything else you think might be “phantasmic”? E-mail me and it just might appear in an upcoming PHANTASMIC LINKS!

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Blogger Krispy said...

Somehow I totally misread the part about them all being TV shows. I thought I'd read that it was a combo of TV shows, movies, and movies based on TV shows. Now that I've seen the answers I feel dumb.

And Batman: The Animated Series is sooooo not a cult cartoon. It was a major mainstream hit. It's a cult if cults can consist of damn near everybody!

Of course, Roger Rabbit was a major mainstream hit, too, so my own guess to that one is stupid. Shoulda gone with Cool World.

3/08/2010 5:14 PM  

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