PBW: Day at the Bleak

I have a friend who maintains an online album of food dishes, resulting in many a young woman inviting herself over for dinner. He recently suggested that a lot of my photos in the woods are “lonely and depressing” rather than artistic, and I’d be hard pressed to defend this week’s Photo Blog Wednesday. I definitely need to find some cheerier subject matter in the future, but it has been raining nonstop for three days, not just outside but in my office. My drop ceiling is going to collapse, if it hasn’t already. I don’t know, maybe once my dad’s health issues are resolved, I’ll take a real vacation(yeah, right). Meanwhile, I did make it to the beach this past weekend, once I realized the portable DVD player I bought over a year ago came with an adaptor that let me plug it in to my car. So I enjoyed a movie as the rain fell, and when it let up for a bit, I got out and took some pictures, before precipitation inevitably returned and I got back in the car to finish my movie. Brighter days are ahead, just not this week:



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