Poll of Randomosity Sixteen

What's this? Another Poll of Randomosity? Let's celebrate this sweet SIXTEENTH set of TEN random questions for us to answer together:

1) How do you pose when having your picture taken?

2) Do you know what you're finally going to see on Monday?

3) How do you feel about modern medicine?

4) What was your last weird dream?

5) How much do you use your cell phone to go online or send text messages?

6) Are you a big caffeine junkie?

7) Is it better to look good or to feel good?

8) Does watching television mean a person doesn't have a life?

9) How do you take criticism?

10) Don't you hate pants?

For me, the answers are:

1) I never know what to do with my hands; if they're not in my pockets, then my arms are usually folded.

2) I've already seen it, so yes. It will be new for some of you, though.

3) It's saved my life a few times, and I hope it gets better and better by the time I'm a senior citizen and facing some of the problems my dad is facing. Though worried, I have been taking some solace in the consistent assurances from friends and family that bypass surgery isn't as bad as it used to be even a decade ago. Part of me wishes the doctors would set a date for the surgery already, while another part is glad for this time in case anything goes wrong....

4) Two mornings ago, a dream in which I was the one whose doctors were walking me through what to expect from my bypass surgery morphed in to me alone in an abandoned hospital, slowly cutting off my rotting left hand with a dull pair of scissors. Either I was a zombie in the dream or used a local anesthetic, because I didn't feel anything and might as well have been pulling apart a steak. Even typing this out now is giving me phantom pains in that wrist.

5) It's not included in my plan, and the data charges were steep the few times I did go online out of curiosity, or necessity such as being on a train or on a trip away from my home computer. Somehow, I still incurred charges last month even though I didn't think I had any data usage. Sometimes when I open the phone it looks like it's online, so I may be hitting some button accidentally.

6) I didn't used to be, but free coffee in the office got me in a bad habit. Worse, I go for it near the end of the day when I'm running low on energy. Time was, I'd just perk up from running at the gym after work, but I've been in a bad 4:30 PM coffee habit, which keeps me awake much later, and leaves me more tired the following morning.

7) I may never know.

8) I know plenty of people who watch a lot of the same programs with the same level of attention that I do, and they still manage to have spouses, children, and lives when they're not unwinding in front of the idiot box. I probably watch a lot more shows than they do, and if I did so to the absolute exclusion of any social life then it would be a problem. In the digital age, I find myself less concerned about getting home in time to catch a show, since I can always watch online or wait for the DVD.

9) As a challenge to be better.

10) ”These things are driving me nuts!”

And you, my loyal readers? Where do you stand on these inquiries?



Blogger Kev said...

1) Away from the camera, or with an insincere smile.
2) No. What?
3) Gimme! uh, I mean: I'm glad it's around, but I'd bet there are more natural cures for what ails us.
4)Dude. Can't recall. I have weird dreams often.
5) never to go online, and only vary rarely to text.
7) feel.
8) No.
9) depends on who it's coming from, but usually pretty well.
10) uh, no. I'm quite fond of them - at least on myself.

3/30/2010 3:01 PM  

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