MCF's Old School 100: Part III

My journey back to my good old days, my “old school” days, is nearly halfway complete. MCF's Old School 100 continues with items 41 through 60:

41)Kronoform, the transforming robot wristwatch!

42) Madballs.

43) Garbage Pail Kids(My mom hated these).

44) Trouble, the board game with the “pop-o-matic bubble”.

45) The Ice Cream Man driving down the street luring children away from their playing and money away from parents' purses or wallets. There was a gap of about ten years in my neighborhood after all the kids grew up, during which I didn't hear that telltale tune, but as a new generation of small children started playing, so too did the ice cream Man return.

46) Kool-Aid Man! Oh, YEAH!!!

47) Writing “I will not ____________” hundreds of times on a sheet of looseleaf, front and back, in elementary school as punishment from the teacher where “_______________” was something I had done wrong.

48) The Great Food Fight of ‘84, began when I made fun of a kid's last name, which had the unfortunate phonetic pronunciation of “Gay-Sick”. He threw a plate of pasta in his fury, which curved and landed on the white pants of the kid sitting next to me. The rest was a blur as everyone started throwing food and I sought cover as the chaos spread from table to table. In the end, even though I never actually threw any food myself, I was the one who ended up in the principal's office because I was one of the usual suspects and because the other kids ratted me out.

49) Cartoon All-Stars to the Rescue, the ultimate animated character crossover to combat drug abuse.

50) The sheer awesomeness of The A-Team, in which bad guys could be in a jeep that flips over a few times and get back up, but drop after one punch from one of our heroes.

51) Knight Rider, especially any episodes that included Garthe and Goliath, or K.A.R.R.

52) ”Now we are so happy, we do The Dance of Joy!”

53) Getting my Spider-Man fix from his appearances on The Electric Company.
(And I can't believe Morgan Freeman was on there...I either forgot or didn't know who he was back then)

54) ”One of these things is not like the other....”

55) Similarly, ”Which of these kids is doing his own thing?”

56) Bazooka Joe, the dry little chunks of gum I'd buy for the comics.

57) Cracker Jack, the caramel popcorn snack I'd buy for the cheap plastic toy inside.

58) Proudly and happily wearing a cardboard crown whenever my folks took us to Burger King.

59) The Magic Garden, a fondly remembered childhood program (which in hindsight may have been about two lesbians doing heavy drugs and hallucinating a talking squirrel). To this day I still have a toy chest in my room that was referred to as “The Story Box” after a similar box in the show.

60) The McDLT: the hot stayed hot and the cool stayed cool.

More to come next week!



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