PBW: A Snow Day's Night

I’m just about DONE with Winter. I can’t believe I had to shovel for an hour-and-a-half on Tuesday morning before I went to work, or that no one else on Long Island seemed to get that much snow. I barely had time for a shower, and I had no time for breakfast. Hopefully no one noticed my stubble after three days of not shaving; I’m surprised my dad didn’t call me a “tramp”(which he uses in the “hobo” sense...hopefully). I guess I can’t complain about 5 or 6 inches of slush when I had over a foot of snow to contend with last Wednesday, which I didn’t defeat until Thursday morning. I think I spent over 9 hours out there; it just wasn’t stopping. That was rough, but it did set up some pretty photo opportunities for a Photo Blog Wednesday:



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