MCF's Manic Mind

My mind is all over the place, and has been for as long as I've been listening to it. With tangents, daydreams, and distractions, it's a wonder I function at all in normal society. I suppose that could be the nature of all subconscious experience, since I've never heard anyone else's thoughts. Maybe I'm not as jumbled and disorganized inside as I think, but I'll toss out some arbitrary musings and let you be the judge:

* The guy playing the traitorous brother of the Islamic president on this season of 24 looks a lot like Jason Schwartzman to me, almost distractingly so. I think it's the hair. Meanwhile, the hair on the guy playing his brother make him look like Wayne Newton, so it's interesting casting all around.

* I saw an elderly couple in matching tracksuits jogging on the boardwalk this weekend; they were hunched over and not going very fast, but it was ridiculously adorable. I want to still be running when I'm in my 80s, and hopefully not alone.

* That new Harry Potter movieconfused the hell out of me. Dumbledore was now a centaur played by Pierce Brosnan, Hermione was the daughter of Athena, and Ron was some wisecracking black dude with goat legs. It's like they didn't read the books AT ALL.

* I believe that a steady cardio routine is not only key to surviving a zombie apocalypse, but also a 9+ hours of shoveling snow.

* I found it an unsettling coincidence that the day I inadvertently wore a shirt that was missing a button, my company sent out an e-mail reminding everyone about the dress code policy.

* I wish I was someone just a little more funky.

* I woke up on February 2nd and saw my shadow, but I didn't get to sleep for another six weeks. What's up with that?

* I'm still waiting to find out if the true source of the numbers on LOST is none other than Ralph Buckley, the NY State lotto guy.

* I wonder if, somewhere, a percussionist is thinking, “I don't want to drum; I just want to work in this office all day.”

* I believe in living every day like it's my lunch.

* I've been in my mind; it's such a fine line.



Blogger Lorna said...

Counting Crows: 100

Neil Young: 3 (interesting coat)

2/16/2010 3:17 PM  

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