Phantasmic Links 2.8.10

I have been having some WEIRD-@$$ dreams lately! Before I woke up on Sunday morning, I was running through some posh hotel trying to find a restroom. The elevator took me down to some archaic subway system in which not every set of tracks had a platform. Worse, police were chasing armed thugs through the crowded station and shooting at them! When I finally did find a bathroom, the walls of each stall were no higher than 2 or 3 feet, and instead of a toilet there was a giant glass bucket next to a glass faucet, which I guess was used to rinse the jug out “after”. Ugh. Remind me never to go to Europe. Or Penn Station of twenty years ago. Enough about my twisted subconscious though; let's get to this week's PHANTASMIC LINKS:

(1) This girl creates some ridiculously small origami. I'm lucky I can fold a normal sized piece of paper in half.

(2) The pentagon is looking to breed immortal soldiers. I don't know, if they actually can find the genetic code to “bolster cell resistance to death”, maybe they should apply that to keeping us alive instead of making things to kill people? I know, me and my crazy applications for scientific advancements. Expendable artificial lifeforms would keep our soldiers alive obviously; I just see even more potential in such a breakthrough.

(3) You won't believe your eyes as you watch 100 years of visual effects in 5 minutes!

(4) Listen and watch how music transcends language and geographical barriers.
Hat Tip: B13.

(5) ”Movie Made by Chimpanzees to be Broadcast on Television”. The punchlines to that are infinite, ranging from specific examples to broader comments like “What else is new?” Have at it....
H.T.: Krispy.

(6) 1,000 years in the future, how would the world perceive the Beatles?

(7) Let us travel to the future past with this steampunked home. Now that's the way to spend your money!
H.T.: B13.

(8) Continuity is a unique platform game in that you need to move screens around in addition to your character as you try to unlock each level.

(9) I'd make fun of these Star Trek LOLcats, but honestly I'd be just as enthusiastic for Transformers LOLcats. So enjoy, Trekkies.
H.T.: J-No.

(10) Rubble Trouble is my latest favorite time-waster! Can you get through all 30 levels and destroy buildings with a variety of tools at your disposal? It gets progressively harder and more interesting as new devices and limits come into play.

(11) Finally, check out the trailer for Wes Anderson's Spider-Man. It's a new direction for the franchise, but I think it will make me feel really, really good.

Have a link to a game, movie, article, or anything else you think might be “phantasmic”? E-mail me and it just might appear in an upcoming PHANTASMIC LINKS!



Blogger b13 said...

The only problem with the visual effects video, is that the destruction of the death star was taken from the reboot. The original was fantastic... but not THAT fantastic ;)

2/08/2010 11:33 AM  

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