Poll of Randomosity Fourteen

It's another Poll of Randomosity! Here's my FOURTEENTH set of TEN random questions for us to answer together:

1) If you caught it, what did you think of Conan's final Tonight Show?

2) Does depression make you tired, do you get depressed from being tired, or neither?

3) How has the earthquake in Haiti affected you?

4) Is it just me, or does Craig Wasson look absurdly like Bill Maher?

5) Where do you see yourself in ten years?

6) If there are three times as many boys than girls in Timmy's class, and there are 24 more boys than girls, how many kids are there in the class total?

7) Does this look infected?

8) Ketchup or mayonnaise?

9) Is the world as we know it coming to an end?

10) What's my next move?

For me, the answers are:

1) I thought he went out with extreme class and dignity, and I regret that I didn't watch his show more(only recently has the digital signal been strong enough to get that station). I always thought Conan, Andy and Max were the next Johnny, Ed and Doc, but as Conan said life rarely works out the way we expect it to. I especially took inspiration from his words about cynicism and keeping a positive attitude and working hard. It's easy to get cynical, and our pattern of failure may continue, but if we give up then it definitely will continue. I need to remember that and stay positive.

2) I think this is a chicken and egg question. I definitely have less energy and motivation when I'm feeling down, but there are also times when I take a nap and wake up with an inexplicable feeling of extreme sadness. I slept from 8 PM to 11:30 PM on Friday night because I was exhausted after work, and that feeling felt like a weight when I awoke. I wonder if part of it is that sense of time wasted, of being especially disoriented when one doesn't plan to doze off. I used to get the same feeling when I'd oversleep on a Saturday or Sunday and miss some early cartoon, back in the days before VCRs. Man, I miss the days when my biggest problem was catching a cartoon.

3) Directly, it hasn't, but footage on the news every day of people receiving bad news about family members, or the recovery of bodies has been incredibly sad. I caught one clip last week of a nine-year-old girl pinned under rubble. They just showed her arm moving and you could hear her whimpering. I have to commend my company for saying they'd match any employee donations to the American Red Cross, and I wrote a check for an amount that had some personal, karmic meaning. I don't know that it made a difference, and certainly won't bring anyone back, but it was better than doing nothing.

4) It is not just me. I will elaborate more in my next post, but I'm sure astute readers will figure out why before then.

5) I hope I'm not still in this room. I think ten years is enough time for me to finally get my act together, become a homeowner and an adult and take charge of my life. Of course, I thought the same thing ten years ago, so who knows. I hate these types of questions because, even when we make plans, no one knows for sure how things will work out. That seems to be a theme lately.

6) 48. Duh.

7) No, and the swelling has gone down, but from what I read it will be black for months. It's probably fortunate that no one will ever see it.

8) Both. Mixed together.

9) With all the quakes and floods and what not, with war and colliding atoms and blowing up bits of the moon, things don't look too good right now. But just as we've been dying since the moment we were born, so too has the world been ending since it was created. So it's not really the end that matters so much as what we do on the way there.

10) Even I don't know the answer to this one. It will either be something stupid or nothing at all, and whichever it is I'll still beat myself up about it afterwards.

And you, my loyal readers? Where do you stand on these inquiries?



Blogger Kev said...

1)People actually still watch the late night shows?
4)I dunno.
5)No idea. I plan on being in the same job, missing my kids who have moved out, and being broke from paying for their college education. I could move on to another job though, make much better money, and still miss my kids.
6) according to your own answer, 48. Which I understand now having read the answer and going back and re-reading the question again.
7)EW. TMI!
8)Ketchup. Mayo is nasty unless it's in chicken salad.
9)Of course. Except we don't and can't know how long it will be until the end of this world.
10)I'm thinking your next move should be the Humpty Dance.

1/23/2010 9:07 AM  
Blogger MCF said...

I imagine most people, like myself, just catch the best bits the next day on Hulu or YouTube. Conan is way funnier than Jay; I just think the talk/variety show animal is a dying breed.

And as more and more videos and photos from my last office party surfaced, I realized the Humpty Dance was probably my last move. Heh.

1/23/2010 9:19 AM  
Blogger Lyndon said...

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1/23/2010 7:24 PM  
Blogger Lyndon said...

1. AWESOME, the speech at the end was definition of class. Let's hope, he takes the money and starts an internet version of his talk show. Would be interesting to see what we would be able to do, without the restrictions tv puts on people.

2. I think it's a bit of both. They seem to work together.

3. Hasn't really affected me.

4. Didn't see it.

5. Internet Superstar, married with a couple of kids. Just enjoying life!!

6. Brain hurt, no do math good :)

7. You might what to get a second opinion from someone with a bit of medical training.

8. Ketchup

9. Maybe it's just a new beginning?

10. Knight to King's Bishop. Check!!

1/23/2010 7:26 PM  

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