PBW: Winter's Last Stand

It’s hard to believe we got nearly two feet of snow about a week-and-a-half ago. We had some warm days before the storm, and in the past week we’ve had enough warm days and rainy days to all but eliminate any trace of Winter. The title of this week’s Photo Blog Wednesday is just MCF jinxy enough to invite more snow before the month is over, but I’ll remain uncharacteristically optimistic as I post before and after shots from last week’s whiteout:



Blogger b13 said...

OMG, How long did it take you to shovel out that driveway?

Note... Purchases for MCF in 2009:

1) Air conditioner so that MCF's parents (and cats) can be comfortable this summer.
2) Snow blower when they go on sale so that he can save time and his back next winter.
3) FiOS for the digital age and speedy internet (You live on the web... you'll love the speed) not to mention the DVR!!!
4) Wide-screen TV for MCF's parents... ok, this is for him.

Start stimulating the economy... and enjoy yourself ;) Who loves you like a brother?

3/11/2009 1:07 AM  
Blogger MCF said...

4 hours of very much needed exercise. One of my mom's friends let us borrow a snowblower a few years back. I couldn't use it in the driveway because it would either be shooting at the cars, the fence we share with our neighbor, or out into the street, which point I'd have to manually carry one big pile and distribute evenly along the fence or on our pachysandra. It also didn't work well with anything over a foot, and was a waste to use for anything under a foot that could be shoveled. I'm not going to be lazy, and we don't need another gas guzzler in this economy.

The other items are luxuries I've done okay without so far, with the possible exception of an air conditioner. My parents' house doesn't have the kind of windows that would support one, but I haven't ruled out one of those free-standing models you mentioned last year. We'll see how hot this Summer gets...

3/11/2009 7:59 AM  

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