T.I.L.T. Things I've Learned Thursday XVII

Hopefully, these Things I've Learned Thursday make about as much sense as usual, as I'm currently fighting a bit of a head cold, as was foretold in elven prophecy. I'm sure we won't notice any adverse infects:

* When the season changes from Summer to Fall, dress accordingly at night. Just because it's shorts weather when you go to bed doesn't mean you won't wake up shivering around 3 AM.

* For whatever reason, iPhoto up until recently lacked the basic ability to selectively pull pictures from a camera's memory card. It had an option to ignore duplicate images, but if you only wanted to grab a specific one or two that was impossible. Around version 6 there was a hidden workaround, whereby hitting “return” or “enter” twice brought up an edit menu and you could drag images out by their file names. My company is currently running version 5 or so, so that tip didn't help me when I borrowed a friend's camera and had to wait for an 138MB video to download before I got to the shot I took. Apparently the selective download feature was added by the 7th version of the software, but it's a mystery to me why it wasn't there sooner.

* Don't leave water bottles sitting around for too long. If you are in the habit of doing so, it's a good idea to look in the bottle before taking a drink in case mold is floating in there. If you put a fresh water bottle down amid a bunch of old ones and get confused, hopefully there will be some condensation to tip you off as to which is the most recent bottle. In the grand scheme of things, it's really best to not fall so far behind in clearing out your recyclable containers.

* Who knew that the singer in the Real Men of Genius ads was original Survivor lead vocalist David Bickler? Sean did.

* Lunch is very important, both mentally and physically. Even if I'm swamped, I'd rather work late than miss even a short break in the middle of the day.

* The bigger the pride, the further the fall.

* You can lose brain cells watching the new Knight Rider. How do you hide a code in your DNA? What's the point of faking your death if you only change your last name and have no plastic surgery whatsoever? How does a car morph into a pickup truck? On the other hand, it has a transforming car and a hot chick, so after one episode this brainless entertainment hasn't lost me yet. I'd probably ask fewer questions if I was still 10, if history is any indication.

* “One more...” is always a lie. You might tell yourself you're only going to do one more thing at work, or play one more game before you go to bed, or eat one more potato chip before putting the bag away, but “One more...” is often an infinite loop. I could list one more thing I learned, or I could stop right now...



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