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It’s a miracle that I’ve survived office environments as long as I have. I have a tremendous tendency to procrastinate, and I’m very lazy. Almost every high school science project was done the night before it was due, even if I had several months of notice. Professionally, I’ve never missed a deadline and provide the highest quality I’m capable of, but it must take some tremendous effort. Maybe that’s why I always feel tired. My best example of a horrible science project has to be the one I did for Earth Science my Freshman year. I had my parents drive me to the local nature preserve where I collected rocks, clay, and soil from cliffs looking out over the beach. I put each item as a layer into a jar, and on the outside labeled each layer with masking tape. I still have that jar around here somewhere, and I’d say the C- I received was very generous. After that I never got lower than a B, and learned my lesson...well, except for the time I handed in styrofoam breakaway “lungs” as a biology project, hastily carved the night before and colored using crayons.

Maybe I didn’t learn my lesson. This is all a longwinded way of explaining that I didn’t do my homework this weekend, and took some hasty, random shots on my lunch hour on Tuesday. So this week’s Photo Blog Wednesday doesn’t have a great backstory. That’s where you come in.

Leave a comment or, if you’re so inclined, write a post making up a more interesting story behind the following collection of images. It can be as far fetched as you like, or if you prefer you can come up with funny captions instead. By next week I’ll think up some sort of appropriate prize for the best tales, and hopefully have better photos and words as well.

We’ll start with a desktop sized image, and proceed from there:



Blogger Rey said...

"Things that remind me of my trip Narnia."

6/04/2008 11:51 AM  

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